JDC Cutter (1″ x 10″)

The JDC 1″ x 10″ (Part # 99-2067) cuts 1″ fixed width strips and up to 10″ in length. The Cutter comes complete with the side platforms and the safety guards.

This is the most common JDC Cutter ordered for preparing tensile strips.


The JDC precision sample strip cutter has become the accepted standard for most corporations worldwide for preparing tensile samples of paper, paperboard, metal foils, nonwovens, films, tissue and a variety of other materials. Lightweight and portable, the JDC features a 20” base length for added leverage and stability along with operator safety.

The JDC cuts test strips to an exact width and parallel throughout their entire length. The positive cutting action of the dual blades and precision ground base shear cut both sides of the sample at once assuring you of a clean, accurate cut every time. The cutting blades are made of special tool steel which is stress relieved by cycling between cold and hot temperatures to prevent the blades from warping. 

The JDC cutter is designed to last for many years and a reconditioning service is available that provides the capabilities of a brand new cutter for half the cost.  Reconditioning includes regrinding the cutting blades and providing a new base shear.

Why choose a JDC Precision Cutter?

Standard Models:
JDC 1″ x 10″ (Part # 99-2067)
JDC 3″ x 10″ (Part # 99-2068)
JDC .5″ x 10″ (Part # 99-2069)
JDC 15mm x 245mm (Part # 99-2070)
Custom sizes can be supplied in lengths of 10″ and widths from 1/8″ to 3″. *On Request*

Optional Cutter Accessories (additional cost):

  • Platform Kit (Part # 99-3011)
    Adjustable from 12″ to 14.5″ cutting surface.


    Adjustable Platforms for cutting

  • Safety Shield Kit (Part # 99-3012)

    Safety Shields for JDC

Common Industry Standards this sample preparation tool is used for include ASTM F88, ASTM D882, ASTM D6287, and TAPPI 494 and many other tests that require a precise 1″ cut including tensile testing sample strips. 

Additional information

Cutting Specification

1" (25.4mm) Fixed Width and 10" (254mm) Length


71.12 x 25.4 x 35.56 cm [28 x 10 x 14 in]

Gross Weight

19 kg (42 lbs)


Adhesives, Corrugated, Foils/Metals, Food Testing, Medical, Packaging, Paper, Paperboard, Plastic Film, Pulp, Tissue, Textiles

Model Name

JDC 1"-10"

Net Weight

17 kg (37 lbs)


+0.001 in/-0 in (+.0254 mm/-0 mm)

Part Number


Testing Property

Sample Preparation


10″ JDC Cutter Overview