Thwing-Albert Materials Testing Instruments can be configured to meet many common TAPPI Standards for Pulp and Paper quality control, R&D, and new product materials development.

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What Are TAPPI Standards?

Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) standards are testing procedures and other related methods used in measuring and evaluating materials in the pulp and paper industry. These procedures allow companies to follow industry guidelines, specifications and quality standards recognized by manufacturers worldwide. 

TAPPI standards guide users in improving technical operations and increasing efficiency. They can also help companies implement developmental and manufacturing procedures that significantly improve processes and enhance product consistency, quality and durability.

TAPPI Test Methods

Thwing-Albert offers a comprehensive equipment selection to measure specific TAPPI standards. Our experts can help identify which equipment is the most accurate and efficient measuring system for your unique application. 

TAPPI T411: TAPPI T411 evaluates paper, paperboard and combined board thicknesses and variations using automatic micrometers with specific pressures over defined periods.

TAPPI T414: TAPPI T414 measures the internal tearing resistance of a single sheet of paper using an Elmendorf-type tear tester.

TAPPI T441: TAPPI T441 measures water absorptiveness of sized (non-bibulous) paper, paperboard and corrugated fiberboard (Cobb test) using our Gurley™ Cobb Sizing Tester.

TAPPI T456: TAPPI T456 testing measures the tensile strength of paper or paperboard materials after being saturated with water. 

TAPPI T460: TAPPI T460 involves using devices like the Gurley 4340 Automatic Densometer and Smoothness Tester and Gurley Standard and Low-Pressure Densometers to measure the air resistance of paper per the Gurley method. 

TAPPI T494: TAPPI T494 testing measures the tensile-breaking properties of paper and paperboard.

TAPPI T496: TAPPI T496 utilizes tear-testing techniques with the Elmendorf Tear Constant Radius Template to measure the cross-directional internal tear resistance for paper, paperboard and related materials.

TAPPI T498: TAPPI T498 involves using our trademark Handle-O-Meter to measure the softness of sanitary tissue essential for maintaining consistent quality in production. 

TAPPI T536: TAPPI T536 uses Gurley High-Pressure Densometers to measure the air permeability of paper using the Gurley high-pressure method.

TAPPI T538: TAPPI T538 testing measures the roughness of paper and paperboard with the Gurley 4340 Automatic Densometer and Smoothness Tester per the Sheffield method.

TAPPI T541: TAPPI T541 involves using the Vantage Z-Directional Tensile Tester to measure the internal bond strength of paperboard material.

TAPPI T543: TAPPI T543 testing measures the bending resistance of paper with the Gurley 4171 Bending/Stiffness Tester per the Gurley method.

TAPPI T549: TAPPI T549 requires using the horizontal plane method to determine the coefficient of static and kinetic friction of paperboard materials when they slide against themselves.

TAPPI T570: TAPPI T570 involves using the ball-burst procedure to measure the mechanical penetration resistance of sanitary tissue papers. 

TAPPI T576: TAPPI T576 describes the testing of towel and tissue tensile-breaking properties, including tensile energy absorption, stretch and tensile strength.

TAPPI T577: TAPPI T577 involves determining the score bend resistance of a scored or unscored paperboard carton. These measurements are critical for identifying production issues when cartons fail to perform mechanically.

TAPPI T816: TAPPI T816 utilizes the horizontal plane method to determine the coefficient of static friction of corrugated and solid fiberboard critical for optimizing stacking, storage and transport performance.

TAPPI T829: TAPPI T829 primarily uses score-bending instruments to evaluate the score quality of corrugated containers by measuring score-break force.

Explore Testing Instruments for TAPPI Standards

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