Sample Cutters & Preparation

Thwing-Albert offers sample preparation tools for a range of materials and sizes to meet required specimen sizes based on testing standards including tensile testing. Strip cutters for tensile testing, circular cutters for basis weight, and custom shapes to meet many other industry standards. 

The capability to prepare test specimens accurately, efficiently and safely is critical to insuring reliable and repeatable test results. Inadequate sample preparation can lead to additional re-testing and higher costs, while improper tools can endanger operator safety. To select the optimal sample cutter consider these questions:
  • What material will I be cutting?
  • What sample dimensions to I need?
  • How easy is the cutter to operate?
  • Can you cut consistent and accurate samples?
Some sample cutters are designed for a specific use such as cutting dedicated width for tensile, seal and adhesion tests. There are also sample cutters that provide a higher level of flexibility utilizing interchangeable cutting dies that can be configured to cut complex shapes and multiple specimens at a time. 

We also offer CeraTek Heat Sealers for evaluating seal strength testing.

The team at Thwing-Albert is able to help with any materials testing needs including selecting sample preparation tools.  It is important to have accurate results for consistent quality analysis and there are a variety of time saving options available.  If you have any questions you can contact our team at to discuss your application.