Peel Fixtures

Peel Fixtures simplify the testing of adhesive properties of pressure-sensitive adhesives, tapes, and labels.  

Peel Adhesion fixtures provide a means to evaluate the adhesive strength of tapes and other adhesive backed substrates. The most common application is to peel the tape from known substrate at a constant angle and velocity. Fixtures are available to maintain either a 90°, 180° or “T” configuration. For applications that require the angle of peel to be adjustable, a variable degree peel fixture is a available.

Peel strength is the measure of the force required to separate two bonded materials such as tape, labels, and plastic films.  It can also provide valuable information to evaluate the peel strength for sealed containers, trays, and pouches.

These fixtures include 180° Peel Fixture, 90° Peel Fixture, German Wheel, and Loop Tack.