Softness Testing Equipment

Testing equipment for softness from Thwing-Albert quantifies the degree of softness of various material types. Manufacturers can identify the softness characteristics of their materials to ensure they meet industry standards and product quality guidelines.

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Softness Testing Equipment

Choose the Handle-O-Meter or Vantage tester to take accurate and reliable measurements.


The Handle-O-Meter measures the effects of surface friction and flexibility to quantify the material’s softness. This solution is more efficient and accurate than a sensory panel or manual evaluation and provides qualitative analysis.

This instrument measures handle — the combined flexibility and surface friction effects on sheeted materials such as textiles, plastic film and nonwovens. Its test method correlates with the sample’s real-world performance in production and everyday use.

The MAP4 software analyzes real-time data directly from the Handle-O-Meter.

Vantage Compression Tester/Softness/Tissue Tester

The Vantage Compression/Softness Tester objectively measures the loft, compressibility, structural softness and thickness of various materials, such as textiles, nonwovens, toweling and paper tissue.

Computers and advanced technology control the instrumentation. It captures thickness values for the material until the Vantage Tester reaches the max load during the compression and recovery phases.

MAP4 software allows operators to set up and modify test parameters, database management, reporting, and delivery to third-party programs such as Microsoft Excel and Access.

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