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Thwing-Albert Instrument Company is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of advanced testing instrumentation. For more than a century, Thwing-Albert has provided proven testing equipment and has earned a reputation as a foremost authority on physical testing standards. Research laboratories and quality control departments worldwide confidently rely on Thwing-Albert’s affordable precision instruments to develop and produce high quality products.

Headquartered in West Berlin, NJ, Thwing-Albert has Sales Offices worldwide.

History – Since 1899…

The eminent scientist, Dr. Charles B. Thwing, founded Thwing Instrument Company in 1899. Mr. Edward J. Albert joined him shortly thereafter forming Thwing-Albert Instrument Co.

Under their leadership, Thwing-Albert developed a complete line of physical testing instrumentation that research laboratories and quality control departments throughout the world confidently rely on. This line includes instrumentation to test physical property characteristics such as tear strength, coefficient of friction, peel strength, thickness, tack, handle, viscosity, compressive strength and burst strength. Thwing-Albert’s most popular Universal Testing Instrument, the EJA-1000/2000 was named in honor of Mr. Albert and his efforts in the field of quality control education.

Since the introduction of the first tensile tester, Thwing-Albert has taken advantage of technological advancements in order to provide the industry with some of the most sophisticated instrumentation available. With the introduction of the first microprocessor-based tensile tester in the late seventies, and with continuous improvements based on cutting edge technology, Thwing-Albert has maintained its leadership position.

In addition to our role in the development of instrumentation, we have also worked closely with ASTM, ISO and TAPPI in the creation of testing standards.



In our effort to offer complete testing equipment solutions to our customers, Thwing-Albert has teamed up with several companies that have developed innovative, high-quality instruments:

Regmed Industria Técnica de Precisão Ltda.
Thwing-Albert and Regmed have established a strategic partnership whereby both companies represent each others instrumentation. Regmed provides representation and local assistance throughout Brazil and South America, and Thwing-Albert represents and supports Regmed’s test equipment throughout the United States.

Apogee Systems, Inc.
Partnering with Thwing-Albert since 1995, Apogee Systems, Inc. has developed Spec*Scan 2000 and SpecEdge 2000. Spec*Scan 2000 measures and analyzes impurities in pulp, paper and paperboard. 

Adirondack Machine Corporation
Thwing-Albert works with Adirondack Machine Corporation (AMC) to provide high quality wet-end laboratory equipment for the pulp, paper, chemical and recycling industry.

Gurley Precision Instruments
Since 1923, Genuine Gurley™ instruments have been the industry standard for measuring physical characteristics such as porosity, smoothness, air-permeability, stiffness, flexibility and softness. Thwing-Albert is pleased to be able to offer this quality product line to our customers. Thwing-Albert encourages you to visit Gurley’s Web site.

Thwing-Albert has partnered with SencorpWhite to offer CeraTek Laboratory Heat Sealers for customers in need of sample preparation tools in conjunction with the Thwing-Albert line of materials testing machines. To learn more about SencorpWhite please visit their website.


ISO 9001:2015 Certification

ISO 9001:2015 Certification Thwing-Albert

Thwing-Albert is ISO 9001 Certified Quality determines success for our customers, so it’s the first consideration in everything we do. In 1995, Thwing-Albert received its ISO 9001 certification, which further enhanced our reputation for providing dependable solutions. We are currently certified to the new ISO 9001:2015 edition.

Thwing-Albert Instrument Company’s quality policy is to continually improve products, services, processes, methods and work environment to ensure that each customer receives consistently high quality products and services on time. Our goal is to meet or exceed the needs and requirements of all our customers. We will achieve customer satisfaction through continued process improvements. We will ensure the necessary environment, procedures, training, tools, and equipment are available to support all of our customers.

Copies of Thwing-Albert’s ISO 9001:2015 Certificates of Registration follow: ISO Certificate

ISO/IEC 17025:2017

Thwing-Albert Instrument Company is an accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2017 laboratory. This accreditation expands our commitment to customer quality by adding to our scope of calibration covering mechanical, dimensional, mass, force, weighing devices and time and frequency instruments.

Please reference the full accreditation scope within our certificate, which identifies our accredited calibrations for various measurements.

Career Opportunities

Thwing-Albert is accepting resumes for Manufacturer’s Representatives.

  • Experience in the flexible packaging, paperboard, and/or nonwoven industry preferred.
  • Responsibilities would include following up on leads, cold calling, demonstrating equipment and after sales support.

Please fax resumes to 856-767-2615 or contact us here.