Bending Resistance Testing Equipment for Sale

Equipment for testing bend resistance determines the material’s bend strength, fracture resistance, ductility and fracture strength. This testing equipment determines if the material will fail under pressure, which is critical for assessing its quality.

Thwing-Albert has testing equipment for bend resistance measuring in plastics, metal sheets and similar materials. Our equipment complies with various testing standards.

Bending Resistance Testing Equipment

Thwing-Albert has various equipment for testing bend resistance. Our vast selection of instrumentation includes:

1270 PCA Score Bend & Opening Force Tester

The 1270 PCA opening force and score bend tester evaluates the force required to bend and open scored paper carton and paperboard and measures the spring back. This tester is useful for sealing and gluing operations to maintain quality across packages and producers. The data can be used to correctly configure the machinery. This fixture complies with TAPPI T577.

VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine: 

Our VantageNX Testing Machine is an important tool to evaluate quality tests including tensile strength, mechanical burst strength, elongation and compressibility/softness in tissue paper. Grips and fixtures set up the machine to complete various tests to meet TAPPI, ASTM, ISO and other industry standards.

Bending Fixtures

3 & 4 Point Bending Fixture – TA103: The TA103 Bending Fixture provides 50 kilonewtons (kN) of force for three-point and four-point flexural bend tests. Its width is 50 millimeters (mm).

3 & 4 Point Bending Fixture – TA22: The TA22 Bending Fixture conducts three- and four-point bend tests at 50 kN or 250 kN. This standard bending device has universal uses for testing materials.

3 & 4 Point Bending Fixture – TA238: The TA238 Bending Fixture completes three- and four-point bend tests on aluminum or steel to measure its flexural bending properties.

Bending Resistance Tester (RL-BRT-A)

The RL-BRT-A Bending Resistance Tester tests the stiffness and bending resistance of wet and dry paperboard and paper materials. This instrument assesses the sheet quality and fiber properties, as the fiber bulk and dimensions relate to stiffness. The bending resistance tester holds the sample at a certain angle and begins testing when the load cell touches the sample. It complies with standards from ISO, SCAN, DIN, TAPPI and NFQ.

Gurley 4171 Bending/Stiffness Tester

The Gurley 4171 Bending/Stiffness Tester measures the force needed to test the resistance and stiffness of materials up to 15 sizes and 6 mm thick. It produces repeatable and controlled conditions for reliable measurements.  

Digital Bending Resistance/Stiffness Tester with RS-232 serial communications port and parallel clamp.  
This model meets industry standards TAPPI T543 and ASTM D6125-97.

Digital Bending Resistance/Stiffness Tester with RS-232 communications port, parallel and tubing clamp assemblies.

Choose Thwing-Albert for Your Bend Resistance Testing Equipment Needs

Thwing-Albert has more than 120 years of experience with high-quality testing instrumentation for bend resistance and other physical properties. We have the reliable equipment your operations need to evaluate bend resistance. Contact us for a free quote or to learn more about our equipment.