Internal Bond Integrity Testing Equipment

Testing equipment for measuring internal bond.

Printing and packaging conversion applications put materials through various impacts and stressors during manufacturing, causing potential structural failures like delaminations, blistering and surface damage. Common causes of these failures often include high equipment speeds, excessive handling and variations in material properties. Internal bond integrity testing ensures the material can stand up to these factors and deliver a high-quality finished product.

Equipment for Testing Bond Integrity and Structure of Layered Paperboard

Thwing-Albert offers several equipment options for ensuring the bonding quality between layered paperboard in box making, printing and other conversion applications.

VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine

With the ability to perform a broad range of functions, Thwing-Albert’s VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine is one of our most versatile testing systems. This system can accurately measure a material’s most critical characteristics, including internal bond integrity, tensile strength, coefficient of friction (COF) and flexural strength. Multiple fixture and grip options enable this machine to handle many different thicknesses and grades of substrates.

Internal Bond Tester (RL-IBT-A)

The Rycolab RL-IBT-A features a microprocessor and a built-in digital display to calculate the inner bonding strength of paperboard material in accordance with TAPPI T569 and T833. The tester’s design enables easy insertion of the sample base and quick changing to ensure optimal efficiency. Standard options include five aluminum and five support base angles for accurate measuring.

Vantage Z-Directional Tensile Tester

Thwing-Albert’s Vantage Z-Directional Tester determines the internal strength of liner board bonding in accordance with ISO 15754 and TAPPI T541. The tester provides precision measurements of inner bond strength for a comprehensive material range, including liner board, paperboard and fine-coated papers. The system’s Z-directional force optimizes measuring performance factors related to seams, delamination and bonding of carton corners.

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