Air Permeability Testing Equipment

Air permeability testing is the most widely recognized method for measuring how easily air passes through a material. Many applications use air permeability testing equipment to meet quality standards. These testing instruments are critical for measuring the density and porosity of paper and board, helping evaluate paper and paperboard materials that will be used in various applications from printer paper to paper packaging with unique coatings to maintain freshness and paperboard boxes for product shelf life. 

Instruments for Testing Air Permeability

Thwing-Albert offers a variety of air permeability equipment with various testing capabilities suitable for many applications.

Bendtsen RL-BRAPT-A Roughness and Air Permeability Tester

The Bendtsen RL-BRAPT-A Roughness and Air Permeability Tester measures surface roughness and air permeability using the Bendtsen method to evaluate paper and board. This tester features a fully automated measuring cycle ranging from 25 to 5000 milliliters per minute. Other custom ranges are available upon request.

This instrument comes in three configuration options — one that measures roughness, one that measures porosity and one that measures both roughness and porosity.

Applicable standards include:

  • ISO 5636-1
  • ISO 5636-3
  • ISO 8791-1
  • ISO 8791-2
  • BS 4420
  • DIN 53108
  • IS 9894
  • SCAN P21
  • SCAN P84

Gurley 4340 Automatic Densometer and Smoothness Tester

The 4340 Automatic Densometer and Smoothness Tester can measure air permeability, porosity or air resistance for various sheetlike materials. This system can use low, standard or high-pressure settings to produce accurate readings efficiently. An auto-drive mechanism with preprogramming capabilities enables automatic operation and analysis.

Applicable standards include:

  • ASTM D726
  • ISO 5636/5
  • TAPPI T460
  • TAPPI T490
  • TAPPI T536
  • TAPPI T538

Gurley Standard and Low-Pressure Densometers

Densometers are the most widely used instruments for measuring porosity in materials such as papers, plastics, wovens and membranes. These products measure the time a specific air volume flows through a material using uniform, light pressure. Gurley Standard and Low-Pressure Densometers are available in various model configurations — including manual and automatic units with different cylinder sizes — that are available depending on the specimen type. 

Applicable standards include:

  • ASTM D-726-58
  • TAPPI T-460
  • ISO 5636/5
  • APPITA/AS 1301-420
  • BS 5926
  • CPPA D-14
  • SCAN P-19
  • SCAN P-53

Gurley High-Pressure Manual Densometers

High-pressure densometers are ideal when a low-pressure or standard model produces excessive measurement times. Gurley High-Pressure Densometers deliver readings up to 25 times faster than standard-pressure options. Several configurations are available based on your application’s specific needs.

Applicable standards include TAPPI T-536-88 and ASTM D-726-58, Method B.

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