Burst Strength Testing Equipment

Burst strength tests a material’s strength in pounds per square inch to determine how much force would be required to burst the material. Burst strength is important to assess because it determines the material’s durability and overall quality.

Thwing-Albert Instrument Company has testing equipment for burst strength in various types of materials. Our instrumentation complies with various industry standards.

Burst Strength Testing Equipment

Thwing-Albert has equipment for testing burst strength in various materials, including:

Vantage Tissue Burst Tester

The Vantage Tissue Burst Tester is a special configuration of the VantageNX Universal Testing Machine (UTM) designed specifically to measure the wet and dry burst strength of lightweight materials such as tissue paper, paper towels and nonwovens. This configuration meets the requirements of ASTM D6548, ISO 12625-9, ISO 12625-11 and TAPPI T570. In addition to burst strength, this UTM can test the coefficient of friction, tensile, elongation, seal strength and puncture strength with the appropriate grips and fixtures. 

Rycolab Burst Testers

  • RL-BT-A (Paper & Paperboard): The Rycolab Burst Tester (RL-BT-A) uses the MULLEN method to measure the burst strength of paper materials. This model has a range of 10 to 160 psi.
  • RL-BT-C (Paperboard & Corrugated): Our Rycolab Burst Tester (RL-BT-C) has a range of 50 to 797 psi for measuring the burst strength of paper following the MULLEN method.
  • Rycolab Burst Tester (RL-BT): The Rycolab Burst Tester is a benchtop unit for paper, paperboard and corrugated material testing. The touchscreen displays the burst strength test results.

BT-21 Burst Strength Tester

Our BT-21 Burst Strength Tester measures the burst strength of flexible materials such as corrugated board, paper and board. A pneumatic clamping system holds the sample in place in the steel frame body, and exclusive testing software and built-in electronics measure the material. There are two models of burst strength testers from Regmed:

  • BT-21P for lightweight materials like paper.
  • BT-21C for heavyweight materials like paperboard and corrugated board.

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