Rubber Foam Testing Equipment

Manufacturers prefer rubber or foam for many applications because of its versatile and flexible role across an extensive range of products. These applications vary from comfort and support in household products to high-tech packaging applications involving shock absorption. To ensure peak performance and longevity, these same manufacturers rely on accurate testing equipment to ensure their foam products meet the necessary standards.

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Rubber Foam Testing Equipment

Thwing-Albert offers a comprehensive selection of testing instruments for measuring the physical properties of rubber foam, from universal testing equipment to precision thickness testers.

VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine

The VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine is an efficient, powerful and fully customizable testing system that can measure critical characteristics such as tensile, stress/relaxation, compression and flexural strength across various applications. When paired with our different test grips, fixtures and MAP4 software, this instrument can meet testing methods such as ASTM, DIN, ISO, NWSP, TAPPI and more. The space-saving design with a small footprint offers increased portability and flexibility for testing on the production floor.

VantageNX Duo Tensile Tester (5kN)

The VantageNX Duo-5 tester is a testing frame with two columns perfect for applications requiring increased grip and more extensive sampling areas. This model offers all the features of the VantageNX tensile testing machine with an increased capacity of up to 5kN. 

Vantage-10 Tensile Tester (10kN)

The Vantage-10 kN tensile tester is our most robust universal testing device, providing maximum measuring flexibility with a high load capacity. It can perform various tests for foam rubber products, including compression, tensile, flexural and tear. This computer-controlled device features two load cells, enabling users to switch between tests with minimal downtime.

QC-3A Universal Testing Machine

The QC-3A Universal Testing Machine is a versatile and flexible testing device that can perform essential measurements such as compression, tensile, peel analysis and coefficient of friction (COF). The durable frame can deliver up to 1,100 pounds of force, providing precise control throughout the measuring process. The highly accurate digital load controller ensures reliable test data.

ProGage Thickness Tester

The ProGage Thickness Tester is a precision micrometer featuring the latest technology for determining the thicknesses of various grades of foam rubber materials. This device contains a pressure foot with dual speeds, allowing it to conduct high-speed measurements while ensuring superior accuracy. It can also perform automatic statistical analysis and is compatible with other Thwing-Albert instruments for measuring the physical properties of rubber foam and other materials.

Choose Thwing-Albert for Your Rubber Foam Testing Needs

For over 120 years, Thwing-Albert has supplied quality control operations, research laboratories and academia worldwide with highly accurate testing solutions. Our team has unparalleled technical and application knowledge to help you choose the best measuring instruments for your unique application. Contact us online to request a quote or additional product information.