Wet Tensile Strength Testing Equipment

A material’s wet tensile strength is critical for determining mechanical performance when wet and subjected to mechanical stress. It is beneficial in evaluating paper, tissue and similar substrates susceptible to handling damage when subjected to moisture. These tests are valuable for an extensive application range, including household tissue products, blueprint paper, paper bags and moisture food wraps. 

Wet Tensile Strength Testing Machines From Thwing-Albert 

Thwing-Albert offers several testing solutions that measure wet tensile strength and other characteristics crucial to material performance during wet handling. Technicians from various industries globally depend on this equipment for reliable and accurate testing in product development and quality assurance. 

QC-3A Universal Testing Machine

Our QC-3A Universal Testing Machine works well for measuring numerous material characteristics when paired with our Finch Wet Strength Device, including wet tensile strength. It features enhanced software, a digital load controller and an easy-to-use interface to provide quick and accurate measurements. The durable, single-screw frame delivers up to 1,100 pounds of tensile force with exceptional control throughout the load range.

VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine

The VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine is a versatile tool that pairs with our Finch Wet Strength Device for determining the wet tensile strength of water-saturated paper, paperboard and various towel and tissue materials. It features a small footprint with a space-saving design while offering automatic electronic force calibration and various frame capacities. In addition to delivering fast and accurate wet tensile strength measurements, the VantageNX can perform a comprehensive range of other tests, including compression, peel, coefficient of friction (COF), thickness, burst, tear and more.

Finch Wet Strength Device

The Finch Wet Strength Device is compatible with various tensile strength testers, including our VantageNX and QC-3A. It measures the wet tensile strength of numerous materials subjected to stress or moisture during processing or use. 

It consists of a rigid body with a horizontal bar to streamline sample insertion as well as a movable container that holds the liquid. The specimen wraps around the bar while the upper grips secure both ends. The user raises the container to moisten the sample, beginning the test.

Applicable standards include:

  • ASTM D829
  • ISO 3781
  • ISO 12625-5
  • TAPPI T456

RL-HTM-A Horizontal Tensile Machine

The Rycolab RL-HTM-A Horizontal Tensile Machine measures wet or dry tensile resistance, elongation and tensile energy absorption (TEA) in tissue or paper products. This machine features a sturdy frame and a built-in touchscreen for easy operation. The clamps automatically drive into position to secure the specimen.

The touchscreen displays printable results that include standard deviation, curves and statistics showing minimum, maximum and mean tear strength. The machine’s software comes preinstalled with tests for the following standards:

  • ISO 1924-2
  • ISO 12625-4/5
  • TAPPI T456
  • TAPPI T494

Choose Thwing-Albert for Wet Tensile Strength Testing Equipment

Thwing-Albert has been a worldwide leader in developing high-performance testing equipment for over a century. Quality control departments, research facilities and academic institutions across a comprehensive industry range depend on our instruments for the most accurate and reliable measurements. Reach out today to learn more about how our products can benefit your unique application.