Flexural Strength Testing Equipment

Flexural strength is critical when working with rigid to semi-rigid substrates such as plastics, metals, ceramics, composites, wood, laminates and similar materials. Flexural strength measures the maximum load-bearing capacity of a specific material before it sustains permanent damage. Flexural strength testing is instrumental for determining the extent to which a sample can resist breakage when bent.

Testing Equipment for Flexural Strength

Thwing-Albert offers a comprehensive range of testing devices that measure flexural strength, bending stiffness and other physical properties critical to material performance. Technicians and engineers in a broad industry range use this equipment for quality control and product development in production, design and laboratory departments worldwide.

VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine

The VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine is a versatile testing system to measure various material characteristics like flexural strength, tensile strength, coefficient of friction (COF) and other essential properties. Multiple grip options and fixtures allow these machines to perform various tests to meet industry standards. Five models with interchangeable load cells and multiple frame capacities offer the versatility to accommodate many different materials.

Flexural Fixtures

Thwing-Albert has a wide range of 3 & 4 point flexural fixtures available to meet most testing requirements. Key attributes to consider when selecting a flexural fixture are:

  • Required span between the supports
  • Radius of the loading and support anvils
  • Maximum force capacity 

Some of the standard fixtures we offer are as follows:

  • TA103 3 & 4 Point Bending Fixture: The TA103 3 & 4 Point Bending Fixture is a universal bend flexural fixture offering a maximum capacity of 50 kN and suitability for metals, plastics, wood, glass, etc. Specialized configurations and options are available to accommodate unique testing requirements.
  • TA22 3 & 4 Point Bending Fixture: The TA22 3 & 4 Point Bending Fixture is a flexural fixture designed for use with high-strength material and offering fixture capacities from 50 to 250 kN. Fixtures can be supplied with either aluminum or steel and lengths of up to 1,300 mm (51 inches).
  • TA238 3 & 4 Point Bending Fixture: The TA238 3 & 4 Point Flexural Fixture can measure the flexural bending properties of plastics, composites, medical products, sheet metal, electronics and other materials. We offer the TA238 in an aluminum configuration to handle a load capacity of 2.5 kN and a steel configuration to accommodate a load capacity of up to 10 kN. The TA238 meets ASTM 6272, ASTM D790, ISO 178, and other ISO and ASTM standards.


The TA3540 Deflectometer is designed to integrate with our VantageNX Materials Tester and MAP4 Software to provide precision displacement and deflection data when performing flexural bend and compression strength tests.

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