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Equipment for testing crush resistance compresses a sample until it collapses or deforms. This measurement is compared to the load limit.

Thwing-Albert offers testing equipment for measuring crush strength in corrugated cardboard and other packaging materials. Our instrumentation adheres to leading industry standards.

Testing Equipment for Crush Evaluation

Thwing-Albert has various types of crush testing equipment, including:

VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine

The VantageNX universal testing machine (UTM) can measure crush strength as well as tensile strength and coefficient of friction. Compatible materials include plastic film, food packaging, paperboard, textiles, tissue paper, flexible packaging and paper. Its different grip and fixture options allow the user to set up various tests and materials.

Quality control and research and development laboratories can control the instrument through the MAP4 materials testing software. The UTM completes testing in accordance with leading standards from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and others.


  • TAS 733-200 Crush Fixture
    The TAS 733-200 crush fixture is the foundation for crush tests such as ring crush, concora crush, pin adhesion, flat crush and edge crush. This fixture has a guided platen with steel or nickel-coated material and a working area of 141 square centimeters. The platen design complies with published specifications for lateral movement and parallelism. It’s compatible with tensile testers like VantageNX.

Box Compression Tester (RL-BCT-A)

The RL-BCT-A crush tester is designed for testing the compressive strength of corrugated boxes/cartons according to international standards to evaluate the ability to withstand specific loads. This box compression tester conforms to ISTA 6.

Crush Tester (RL-CT-A)

The RL-CT-A crush tester measures the compressive strength of corrugated board and paperboard materials. The sample is held by the crush platens, which crush the sample until its breaking point. Its measuring range is up to 5,000 Newtons (N) with an accuracy of +/- 1%. The typical plate movement speed is up to 12.5 millimeters (mm) per minute, and this value can be adjusted according to the desired breaking level.

CT-21 Crush Tester

The CT-21 crush tester completes fiberboard tests according to the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) and ISO. Its standard tests include pin adhesion, edge crush, flat crush and ring crush. Operators can program the rupture level and test speed within a specified range. Its compression strength values are used for research and development and quality control applications.

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