Folding Force Testing Equipment

Manufacturers create scores on corrugated boxes and folding paperboard boxes to produce the creases that form the container’s shape.

Folding force data is critical for achieving accuracy on manufacturing machinery and the packaging equipment lines that pre-form the boxes and pack products inside the containers. Box makers and packagers must often work together to achieve identical container specifications — including scoring — to ensure efficiency across all packaging phases.

Equipment for Testing Folding Force

Thwing-Albert offers several testing instruments that measure the folding force and score quality of corrugated linerboard, paperboard and other similar materials for achieving peak performance across various packaging applications.  This equipment is used to evaluate the scored bend quality and ensure that the boxes like cosmetic packaging and food storage will function as needed in production and in the hands of customers.

1270 PCA Score Bend & Opening Force Tester

The 1270 PCA Score Bend & Opening Force Tester measures the force required to bend paperboard material or open a scored carton. This device can also measure the carton’s spring-back properties after folding to provide critical data for gluing and sealing operations. The 1270 PCA tester is compatible with several fixtures to conduct specific tests such as opening force, bending force, score quality and coefficient of friction (COF).

Score Quality Fixture TAPPI T829

The Score Quality Fixture TAPPI T829 measures the score quality of paperboard containers when paired with the Vantage Series Universal Testing Machine or the 1270 PCA Tester. This fixture consists of an upper-pressure bar and a lower U-channel wall to measure products such as corrugated containers, paperboard cartons and plastics.

Find Folding Force Testing Equipment at Thwing-Albert

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