JDC Precision Cutter (16″ samples)

The JDC 16″ cutters can be configured to cut samples from 1/8″ to 3″ wide and up to 16″ in length.

IMPORTANT – when requesting a quote please specify what width you require from 1/8″ to 3″. Ideal for cutting tensile strips to be tested with one of our Thwing-Albert Universal Testing Frames.  


The JDC 16″ sample cutter can be configured to take samples from 1/8″ to 3″ wide and up to 16″ in length.

The unique dual-blade cutting action gives you clean, accurate cuts for paper, paperboard, plastic, film, rubber, textiles, nonwovens, metal foils and other sheet materials. The JDC Sample Cutter is recognized worldwide as the industry standard for materials testing sample preparation. The JDC-1″-10″ is our most popular model, but other popular sizes are as follows: JDC-15mm-10″, JDC-.5″-10″, JDC-25mm-10″, JDC-2″-10″, JDC-3″-10″, JDC-1″-12″, JDC-3″-12″, and JDC-1″-16″. Other sizes are available and custom sized cutters are also available.

The JDC Sample Cutter has become the accepted standard for most corporations worldwide for preparing samples of paper, paperboard, metal foils, nonwovens, films, tissue and a variety of other materials. Lightweight and portable, the JDC can also be anchored using the cast iron base for added stability and operator safety. Shields are provided for improved safety during operation.
The JDC Sample Cutter creates test strips to an exact width and parallel throughout their entire length. The positive cutting action of the dual blades and precision ground base shear cut both sides of the sample at once, thereby assuring you of a clean, accurate cut every time. The cutting blades are engineered from a special tool steel which is stress-relieved by cycling between cold and hot temperatures to prevent blade warping.

The JDC Sample Cutter is designed to last for years of use and a reconditioning service is available which provides the capabilities of a brand new cutter for half the cost. Reconditioning includes regrinding the cutting blades and equipping the Sample Cutter with a new base shear.

Additional information

Cutting Specification

1/8" to 3" Width – 16" (406.4mm) Length


Adhesives, Corrugated, Foils/Metals, Food Testing, Medical, Packaging, Paper, Paperboard, Plastic Film, Pulp, Tissue, Textiles

Model Name

JDC 16"


+0.001 in/-0 in (+.0254 mm/-0 mm)


Sample Preparation & Tensile Testing

JDC Cutter 16″