Paper Testing Equipment

Paper is made from wood fibers and cellulose bonded to form sheets. The manufacturing process involves high-speed machines that produce large volumes of paper rolls. Differences in speed, drying temperature and tensile restraint in the machine and variations in the raw wood or recycled material affect the paper quality.

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Testing equipment for paper measures the physical properties of paper materials. Quality paper can easily be printed or written on without ink bleeding, paper is also used in a variety of applications including packaging of finished consumer products. Physical characteristics that are often tested in paper include tensile strength, burst and tear and are held to industry quality standards including TAPPI (The Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry).

Paper Lab Testing Equipment and Accessories

Thwing-Albert Instrument Company offers many testing equipment options to measure paper’s physical properties. The models include the following.

Universal Testing Frames, Grips and Fixtures

  • VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine: The VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine conducts tensile and coefficient of friction tests on paper to name a couple. With the VantageNX customers can evaluate materials to meet industry standards including TAPPI, ASTM, ISO and others.
  • QC-3A Universal Testing Machine: For accurate and simplified testing of tensile, coefficient of friction, peel strength analysis and compression tests, the QC-3A Testing Machine is a dependable option that could also be rugged enough to use on the production line.
  • Browse the full grip catalog for additional options for testing applications including custom solutions.We offer a full line of grips and fixtures to secure samples during testing on our VantageNX and QC-3A frames.

Tear Testers

  • Electronic Elmendorf ProTear: This ProTear Tester evaluates the tear resistance of paper using a pendulum.
  • Mechanical Elmendorf: The Mechanical Elmendorf is a mechanical tear tester that measures a material’s tear resistance.

COF Testers

  • FP-2260 Friction/Peel Tester: The FP-2260 friction/peel tester measures the kinetic and static coefficient of friction of paper samples for many applications. This could include how printing paper moves through a machine, or paperboard on a production line and a variety of packaging needs.

Air Permeability and Densometers

  • Gurley High Pressure Manual Densometer: This high-pressure densometer generates fast porosity readings for materials requiring high air and pressure volumes.
  • Gurley Standard and Low Pressure Densometer: The Gurley densometer calculates porosity by measuring the time needed for air to flow through the material.
  • Bendtsen Roughness and Air Permeability Tester (RL-BRAPT-A): The Bendtsen Tester measures air permeability and surface roughness using the Bendtsen method.

Bend and Fold Resistance

Burst Strength

  • BT-21 Burst Strength Tester: The BT-21 tester measures the burst strength of paper, corrugated board and other heavy-weight materials.
  • RL-BT-A (Paper and Paperboard): The RL-BT-A is a Rycolab Burst Tester that measures bursting strength in paper, paperboard and corrugated materials with the MULLEN method.

Pulp Sheet Preparation and Testers

  • FORMAX S-100 Sheet Dryer: The S-100 Sheet Dryer dries hand sheets with a steady surface temperature for consistency.
  • Sheet Former Rapid-Köthen (RL-ASF-A): The RL-ASF-A Sheet Former produces standardized paper sheets in laboratory settings.

Water Absorption

  • Semiautomatic Cobb Tester (RL-SAC-A): The RL-SAC-A semiautomatic Cobb tester measures the amount of liquid that penetrates the paper to determine its water and oil absorption capacity.
  • Finch Wet Strength Devices: This Finch device measures the tensile breaking strength of paper when saturated with water.

Other Testing Equipment

  • ProGage Thickness Tester: The ProGage Thickness Tester is on a precision micrometer that measures the thickness of sheeted materials including paper.
  • Short Span Compression Tester (RL-SCC-A): The RL-SCC-A compression tester measures a paper’s compression strength by compressing a sample until failure.
  • Taber Abraser (1700/1750): The Taber Abraser 1700/1750 completes a rub wear test on paper samples to determine its abrasion resistance at all angles.
  • Internal Bond Tester (RL-IBT-A): The Rycolab RL-IBT-A tester measures a paper’s internal bonding strength using the Scott Bond method.

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