Smoothness Testing Equipment for Sale

Smoothness is a measure of surface texture, specifically its degree of roughness. This factor is important for identifying surface defects, quality assurance and visual appeal. Smoothness is also measured to meet standards from ISO and ASTM.

Thwing-Albert Instrument Company designs and manufactures testing equipment for smoothness to evaluate many materials, such as textiles, paperboard, packaging and paper and more.

Our Smoothness Testing Equipment Inventory

Our selection of roughness and air permeability testers and densometers allows operators to measure smoothness accurately.

RL-BRAPT-A Bendtsen Roughness and Air Permeability Tester

The RL-BRAPT-A Bendtsen tester evaluates a material’s air permeability and surface roughness following the Bendtsen method. The surface roughness test involves placing the sample beneath the measuring head, which clamps the material. When the preset flow rate is achieved, the tester displays the measured value.

Various machine configuration options are available to meet the applicable ISO, SCAN, IS, DIN and BS standards.

Gurley 4340 Automatic Densometer and Smoothness Tester

The Gurley 4340 Automatic Densometer and Smoothness tester is a dual purpose instrument allowing the user to either measure air permeability (porosity) or surface smoothness/roughness. This is accomplished buy utilizing interchangeable measuring heads/plates based on the test the needs to be performed. Both the air permeability and smoothness resutls on are based on the Gurley Method. It also features an auto-drive mechanism allowing the user to program the number and span of tests for automatic sample analysis.

This instrument can complete low-pressure, standard-pressure and high-pressure porosity testing to provide accurate data in seconds. The 4340 tester is compatible with sheet-like materials such as paperboard, packaging, paper and textiles.

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Thwing-Albert Instrument Company designs and manufactures testing equipment for smoothness for many industries. We have more than 120 years of experience with instrumentation that evaluates materials’ physical properties. Any operation can find a solution suitable for its testing requirements.

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