Tissue Testing Equipment

Increased product development has led to growth in tissue paper and towel use, resulting in more testing methods and standardization. Absorbency, compressibility, dry and wet strength, thickness, burst strength and softness are some of the critical physical attributes of tissue paper. These characteristics are determined by the tissue paper’s material properties, fibrous structure and chemical makeup.

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Thwing-Albert Instrument Company offers testing equipment for measuring the physical properties of tissue materials. These results ensure the product meets specialized industry guidelines from TAPPI, ASTM and ISO. Industry standards for tissue paper include the product’s softness, absorbency, and thickness.

Testing Instruments and Accessories for Tissue

Thwing-Albert offers a complete selection of material testing systems and accessories for tissue material. Our equipment models include the following.

Universal Testing Systems

  • VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine: Our VantageNX Testing Machine is an important tool to evaluate quality tests including tensile strength, mechanical burst strength, elongation and compressibility/softness in tissue paper. Grips and fixtures set up the machine to complete various tests to meet TAPPI, ASTM, ISO and other industry standards.
  • QC-3A Universal Testing Machine: The QC Material Tester is ideal for routine tensile and elongation tests in a simplified standalone platform.

Fixtures and Grips

  • 733GC Pneumatic Tensile Tester Grips: The 733GC Grips are general-purpose pneumatic grips to hold the sample in a fixed place for testing.
  • 733LW Lightweight Pneumatic Tensile Tester Grips: Our Tensile Tester Grips are designed to hold lightweight materials like tissue paper during testing.
  • 734K Pneumatic Tensile Tester Grips: The 734K Tester Grips have an open-ended design to hold tissue paper samples of any width for lightweight testing.
  • Tissue Ply Fixture: Our Tissue Ply Fixture has a lightweight grip designed for tissue ply.
  • Finch Wet Strength Devices: The Finch Device measures the wet tensile strength of tissue paper. We have 1-inch and 3-inch models.
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Tissue Burst Strength 

  • Vantage Tissue Burst Tester: Custom configured for Burst Strength Testing. Measure wet and dry burst strength properties of tissue papers and tissue products. Meet ASTM D6548, TAPPI T570 and other similar standards.

Structural Softness

  • Handle-O-Meter: The Handle-O-Mater measures the tissue paper’s flexibility and surface friction to quantify its softness.
  • Vantage Compression Tissue Tester: The Vantage Softness Tester objectively measures the tissue paper’s softness by measuring loft, compressibility and thickness.

Other Testing Equipment

  • ProGage Thickness Tester: The ProGage Thickness Tester is a precision micrometer that measures the thickness of tissue paper and paper towels.
  • Tissue Absorption Tester (RL-TAT-B): The RL-TAT-B Tissue Absorption Tester measures the water absorption time and capacity of tissue paper according to ISO 12625-8.

Sample Preparation Tools

  • JDC Precision Cutter: Our JDC Cutter prepares precise sample strips for tensile strength measurements by utilizing a dual blade guillotine configuration to ensure a defect-free test specimen.
  • Circular Sample Cutter: The Circular Sample Cutter is ideal for preparing specimens from sheeted materials for grammage and basis-weight measurements. Turning the handle quickly produces accurate samples within 0.5 millimeters of the configured size.
  • Alfa Die Cutters: Our pneumatic and electro-hydraulic die cutters can prepare test specimens of various sizes and shapes to meet a wide range of applications. Single and multi-configuration cutting dies are available.

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