Drum/Rubber Grips

Available grip options include drum grips engineered for precise testing procedures and standards for rubber, plastic and elastomeric samples. These drum grips are designed and manufactured to meet the diverse needs of technicians working with materials that have high elongation properties to meet quality testing specifications. 

Our Drum/Rubber grips, also referred to as Eccentric Roller grips, are engineered to securely hold flat samples of rubber, plastics, elastomers, and general polymers. These self-tightening grips are particularly well-suited for materials with high elongation properties, such as rubber and elastomers. Available in both single and dual roller configurations, our Drum/Rubber grips ensure reliable and consistent clamping for accurate testing results.  For samples requiring additional travel room, these grips are perfect for use with our VantageNX Universal Testing Machine, configured with the 48″ frame to accommodate materials needing extra travel during testing.

Whether you’re conducting routine quality control tests or comprehensive research studies, drum grips provide the clamping option to meet your testing requirements with confidence. Trust in our expertise and commitment to selecting the proper clamping options for your samples as you navigate the complexities of material testing. 

Tips for Proper Grip Selection

With many types of rubber grips for testing available, selecting the appropriate instrument ensures accurate testing. While lightweight materials require grips with smooth faces, sturdier samples need serrated grips. Thwing-Albert works with technicians to select the correct grip for the application.

TA7 Drum/Rubber Roller Grips From Thwing-Albert

The TA7 drum/rubber roller grip is an eccentric roller grip for flat samples such as soft metals, general polymers, plastics and rubber. The body and eccentrically mounted roller hold the sample. The cam action between the roller and body causes the load to increase and the grip to self-tighten. Pyramid and smooth rollers are also available upon request.

TA766 Eccentric Roller Grips From Thwing-Albert

The TA766 eccentric roller grip is drum/rubber roller grip that features a symmetric design and self-tightening non-slip gripping action. Coupling with 2 pin holes allows the grip to be turned at 90° in a tensile machine.

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