Mechanical Vise Grips

The Mechanical Vise Grips are designed for low, medium and high capacity applications. The Vise Grips are ideal for general tensile strength testing of paper, plastics, fine metals, textiles and other sheet materials. Various grip insert widths are available.

The vise style is a popular gripping solution because they offer versatility and can be configured to meet the needs of most tensile/pull applications for flat, sheet material such as paper, paperboard, plastic film, textile, nonwovens, foil, tapes, flexible packages and the like. These can be supplied to operate mechanically, pneumatically or hydraulically and configured with jaws with different surfaces textures such as smooth, rubber coated, serrated and wave pattern. The selection of the jaw surface will depend on the material being tested.

When choosing a set of vise grips it is important to understand that the published clamping force is not always the maximum tensile force that these grips can achieve. The maximum tensile force that the grips can achieve is a combination of the jaw size, material COF and rated clamping force. It is recommended to select a vise grip with a clamping force rated above the anticipate maximum tensile strength of the material.