Pneumatic Grips

Pneumatic Grips are ideal for testing sheet materials including films, tapes, paper, textiles, nonwovens and tissue. There is a wide range of capacities available. There are different widths 1″, 2″, 3″ grip inserts available, and different surfaces (smooth, serrated, rubber covered). Pneumatic operation makes sample insertion faster and easier than manual grips and ensures a contact uniform pressure.

The most popular gripping solution is a set of vise style clamps. These offer versatility and can be configured to meet the needs of most tensile/pull applications for flat, sheet material such as paper, paperboard, plastic film, textile, nonwovens, foil, tapes, flexible packages and the like. The vise clamps can be supplied to operate mechanically, pneumatically or hydraulically. Depending on the material the jaws are available with surface textures such as smooth, rubber coated, serrated and wave pattern. The selection of the jaw surface will depend on the material being tested.

When choosing a set of vise grips it is important to understand that the published clamping force is not always the maximum tensile force that these grips can achieve. The maximum tensile force that the grips can achieve is a combination of the jaw size, material COF and rated clamping force. It is recommended to select a vise grip with a clamping force rated above the anticipate maximum tensile strength of the material.

Tensile Tester Pneumatic Grips

Pneumatic grips offer an efficient solution for securely clamping a wide range of materials, films, tapes, paper, textiles, nonwovens, paper tissue, plastics, light metals and composites. Thwing-Albert provides a diverse range of pneumatic grips with different capacities, widths, and surface textures (smooth, serrated, rubber-covered). These grips are specifically tailored to be compatible with Universal Testing Frames such as the VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine or the QC-3A Testing Machine, ensuring seamless integration into testing setups.

Among the available gripping solutions, pneumatic vise-style clamps stand out as the most popular choice. These versatile clamps can be customized to suit the requirements of various tensile and pull applications involving flat, sheet materials.

It’s important to note that the published clamping force may not always reflect the maximum tensile force achievable with vise grips. The maximum tensile force depends on factors such as jaw size, material coefficient of friction (COF), and rated clamping force. Therefore, it’s recommended to choose vise grips with a clamping force rating exceeding the anticipated maximum tensile strength of the material being tested. This ensures optimal performance and reliable results during testing procedures.


Tips for Proper Grip Selection

Choosing the correct grip for the application is vital. Factors such as material weight, shape and texture should be taken into account when considering grips for holding your samples during a test. The Thwing-Albert team is dedicated to assisting customers in the selection of the appropriate pneumatic grips that align with their testing requirements.

733K Pneumatic Grips

The 733K pneumatic flat grips clamp sample materials for tensile strength testing with the VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine and similar instrumentation.

733GC Pneumatic Tensile Strength Tester Grips

Our general-purpose 733GC tester grips have a 125-newton (N) capacity. It complies with ASTM F88 and other industry standards.

733LW Lightweight Pneumatic Tensile Strength Tester Grips

The 733LW lightweight pneumatic grips are intended for hanging weight testing to use low-force load cells.

734K Pneumatic Tensile Strength Tester Grips

Our 734K tester grips are designed to load any width of samples. This instrument complies with lightweight testing applications from TAPPI and ASTM.

TA 108 Pneumatic Grips

The TA 108 pneumatic grips have a universal design for wooden, rubber, plastic and paper samples.

TA 126 Pneumatic Grips

The TA 126 pneumatic grips are made from anodized aluminum with a 10-kilogram (kg) weight per grip. Grips and jaws are available separately.

TA149 Pneumatic Tensile Strength Tester Grips

The TA149 tensile strength tester grips offer dual action to self-center the sample and symmetric clamping for quick and simple loading.

TA229 Pneumatic Grips

The TA229 pneumatic grips are a lightweight grip option for tensile strength testing. Its opening range maximum is 10 millimeters (mm), depending on the jaws used.

TA232 Pneumatic Tensile Strength Tester Grips

The TA232 tensile strength tester grips have a 1/8-inch internal thread pneumatic connection and 16-kilonewton (kN) clamping force.

TA240g+Ko Pneumatic Grips (2.6 kN)

The TA240g+Ko grip offers a clamping force of 2.6 kN, with a maximum possible pressure of 16 bar.

TA240k+Ko Pneumatic Grips (1.2 kN)

The TA240k+Ko pneumatic grips apply to many universal tests for tensile strength testing. It can be used with the QC-3A Universal Testing Machine.

TA56g+Ko Pneumatic Grips (2.6 kN)

The TA56g+Ko pneumatic grips feature one pneumatic piston with an M5 connection. 

TA56k+Ko Pneumatic Grips (1.2 kN/7 bar)

The TA56k+Ko pneumatic grips have a manually adjustable counter jaw with a 50-mm pneumatic piston. This instrument is manufactured with a durable anodized aluminum body.

TA83 Pneumatic Tensile Strength Tester Grips

The TA83 pneumatic tensile strength tester has a single-acting grip with manual adjustments. It can open between 0 and 30 mm and has a weight capacity of 7 kN.

TA94 Pneumatic Grips

The TA94 pneumatic grips are a small, lightweight instrument with a 20-mm opening, an anodized aluminum body and a clamping force of 200 N.

TAS501 Pneumatic Pincer Grip

The TAS501 pincer grips are designed for applications with rigid materials, small surface spaces and small gripping areas.

747B Pneumatic Tensile Strength Tester Grips

The 747B pneumatic tensile strength tester grips can load textile and fabric samples of many widths. The lightweight design is ideal for low-capacity testing.

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