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Industry Standards - ASTM, ISO, TAPPI, and more

If you are looking for a specific standard but you do not see it listed below, we may still be able to assist you.  Please contact us with a list of standards you need to conform to and the material you are testing and we will have an expert follow up with you.

Instrument List

Product Name

Industry Standards

VantageNX Universal Testing Machine

ASTM E4, ASTM F88, ASTM D571, ASTM D882, ASTM D1894, ASTM D3330, ISO 5893, ISO 7500-1, ISO 9283, EN 1002/1-4, TAPPI T576, NWSP 100.2.R1, 100.3.R0, 110.1.R0, 110.4.R0 and 110.5.R0

*This machine can be fit with a variety of grips and fixtures to meet ASTM, DIN, FINAT, ISO, PSTC, TAPPI, WSP and Many More.

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QC-3A Universal Testing Machine

ASTM D1894, ASTM D3330, TAPPI T576

*This machine can be fit with a variety of grips and fixtures to meet ASTM, DIN, FINAT, ISO, PSTC, TAPPI, WSP and Many More.

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FP-2260 Friction/Peel Tester

ASTM D1894, ASTM D4521, ASTM D2534, ASTM D6862, ASTM D6252, ASTM D3330, ASTM D1876, ASTM F88
AFERA: 4001 P11
FINAT: FTM 1-6, 10, 11
ISO 8295 (COF for Plastics)
PSTC: 101 (A, B, C, D, E, F), 4, 15, 55
TAPPI T816 (COF for Corrugated and Paperboard)
TAPPI T549 (COF for Uncoated Writing & Printing Paper)

ProGage Thicknesss Tester

ASTM D374, D1777, D645, D6988, TAPPI T411, CPPA D.4, BS 3983, 4817, ISO 534, ISO 3034, ISO 4593, EN 20534, SCAN P7, P31, P47, DIN 53105, 53353, EDANA 30.4-89,  NWSP 120.1.R0, NWSP 120.6.RO

Dart Drop Impact Tester

ASTM D1709 Method A & Method B, ASTM D5628 – Gemoetry FB
ISO 7765-1

Spencer Impact Tester

ASTM D3420-94

ProTear Elemendorf Tear Tester

ASTM D295, ASTM D751, ASTM D752, ASTM D4247, ASTM D1424, ASTM D1922
TAPPI T414, T496
ISO 1974, ISO 9290,  NWSP 100.0.R0


ProTear Elmendorf Heavy Duty Tear Tester

ASTM D751, D5734, D1424

1270 PCA Score Bend Tester



ASTM D2923, ASTM D6828-02, TAPPI T498, INDA IST 90.3,
NWSP 090.3.R0

Inkometer 1100

ASTM D4361


Grips & Fixtures List (Browse All)

Product Name

Industry Standards

3 & 4 Point Bending Fixture – TA103


3 & 4 Point Bending Fixture – TA22


3 & 4 Point Bending Fixture – TA238


Band Clamps

ASTM D4964

Delamination Peel Fixture

ISO 10373

Film Blocking Test Fixture

ASTM D3354

Film Puncture Fixture – Pneumatic

ASTM F1306

Finch Wet Strength Device

TAPPI T456, ISO 3781, ISO 12625-5

Foam Compression Fixture

ASTM 3574

German Wheel Peel Fixture

DIN 53357

Loop Tack Fixture

ASTM D6195, FINAT FTM 9 Loop Tack, PSTC 16 Loop Tack

Puncture Fixture

ASTM D4833

Puncture Fixture – Geotextile

ASTM D6241, ISO 12236

Puncture Fixture – Screw Driver


Score Quality Fixture


Variable Angle Peel Test Fixture

ASTM B571 Adhesion Testing of Metallic Coatings, DIN1939

Yarn and Cord Grip

ASTM D7269 Tensile Testing of Aramid Yarns

Tissue Burst Fixture

ASTM D-6548-00, ISO 12625-9:2004, TAPPI T-570-00