Universal Materials Testing Equipment

The Universal Testing Machine (UTM) has established itself as a versatile and indispensable instrument designed to measure a wide range of physical property characteristics, including tensile, compression, shear, flexural, bond, adhesion, tear and peel strengths when configured with the appropriate accessories. When purchasing a new UTM, there are several important factors to consider, including the maximum capacity of the test frame, the required travel length, available load cell capacities, grip/fixture selection and software capabilities.

The correct combination of these components will ensure that the system not only meets your testing needs today but provides the flexibility to grow in the future. 

For decades, we have proudly been supplying universal testing frames to customers requiring an accurate, durable and intuitive system to meet routine and complex testing needs. Our offerings include both a standalone model for routine testing and a more featured unit designed to meet the needs of both routine and highly sophisticated testing. Test frames are available in both single- and dual-column designs and offer capacities from 1 to 10kN (225 to 2,200 pounds). 

We offer a variety of load cells ranging from 5N to 10kN (1.1 to 2,200 pounds), allowing the user to select the most appropriate one to ensure the highest accuracy for the material being tested. Load cells can be easily interchanged and do not require total system recalibration. 

Selecting the appropriate grip and/or fixture for your application is very important to ensure that the test specimen is held securely and in the proper orientation. We offer a comprehensive line of grips and fixtures to meet most testing needs, including pneumatic and mechanically operated grips. In addition, we can provide customized test fixtures designed to meet your specific testing needs.

Last, but certainly not least, is the software that controls the instrument and analyses the data. The software is a critical component of the systems, as it controls, captures and analyses the data being generated. Once analyzed, the data needs to be archived or exported for record-keeping and retrieval. The software should provide an intuitive and comfortable environment for the user to interact with the system and allow them to easily configure and perform a test.

QC-3A Testing System

Thwing-Albert’s QC-3A testing machine is a reliable and durable universal testing frame. The QC-3A is ideal for general testing properties like tensile strength, coefficient of friction (COF), peel analysis and compression. The QC-3A’s built-in software maintains the conventional features of its predecessor, the QC-1000, with several added enhancements, including programs to support COF and peel strength testing. Three frame configurations are available to accommodate material elongation characteristics. All models are designed to offer a maximum of 5kN pulling capacity with a range of load cells available.

The QC-3A tester can perform a wide range of tests when equipped with the appropriate grips and fixtures. The specialized grips allow you to test materials such as paper, paperboard, textiles, plastics, foils, fibers and other materials.  

User interaction and data presentation are accomplished through the intuitive control panel of the instrument. Operators can adjust/select the desired test speed, units of measure, results and test mode. The firmware provides the ability to review/delete tests along with statistical analyses including the average, high, low and standard deviations for a series of tests.  

Vantage Series Testing Frames

The Thwing-Albert VantageNX Materials Testing Machine is a powerful and flexible platform ideal for measuring the physical properties of materials such as paper, paperboard, flexible packaging, plastic film, textiles, tissue paper and more. There are various frame capacities of 1kN, 2kN, 5kN and 10kN, with each model offering options for different travel lengths:

  • VantageNX-1: 24″, 36″ and 48″ models available.
  • VantageNX-2: 24″, 36″ and 48″ models available.
  • VantageNX-5: 24″, 36″ and 48″ models available.
  • VantageNX-Duo: The VantageNX-Duo is a 5kN capacity frame with a dual-column testing platform.
  • Vantage-10 Tensile Tester: This 10kN capacity frame comes in models with 24″ and 36″ travel heights. 

We offer various grips, fixtures and accessories that allow the Vantage testers to meet the complete range of industry standards.

MAP4™ Materials Testing Software

Thwing-Albert’s MAP4™ Materials Testing Software can analyze data from many of our testing machines and UTM testing frames, including the entire line of Vantage Series tensile testers. The software is Windows-compatible and features an intuitive interface along with a built-in library of standards that meet various testing applications. The MAP4™ software can perform COF, puncture, tensile, peel, burst and compression tests, along with offering the capability to perform custom-designed tests.

MAP4 offers the user all the necessary tools to modify/create test methods based on their specific testing needs. MAP4 will automatically capture, analyze and present the data both in real time and at the completion of a test. Test data and results are automatically stored in an SQL database and can be exported for further analysis and data archiving along with being recalled for analyses under different parameters.

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