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Packaging is one of the most crucial aspects of food safety because it protects the product from external elements such as contamination, physical damage and extreme temperatures. Food products undergoing extended periods of time in shipping and storage are at even higher risk. In addition to ensuring sufficient product protection, testing the critical packaging characteristics is vital for protecting the health and well-being of the consumer.

Food Packaging Testing Equipment and Accessories

Thwing-Albert offers various testing equipment to measure the physical properties of food and its packaging, including impact and puncture resistance. Engineers and technicians worldwide use these devices for product development and quality control in design departments, laboratories and production.

VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine

The VantageNX Tensile Testing Machines are versatile tools that can accommodate various material testing requirements, including tensile strength, coefficient of friction (COF), puncture resistance, seal strength, adhesion strength and other essential material properties. The wide range of available grip and test fixture options allows these devices to perform an extensive test range to meet industry standards. Five models with various frame capacities and interchangeable load cells offer flexibility to handle a diverse range of products.

QC-3A Universal Testing Machine

The QC-3A Universal Testing Machine is a highly flexible, cost-effective system ideal for testing tensile, COF, peel analysis and more. The single-screw frame delivers up to 1,100 pounds of tensile force with precise control throughout the load range. The QC-3A also features a serial port that enables test data to be downloaded to a PC for enhanced data analysis and storage.

FP-2260 Friction/Peel Tester

Thwing-Albert’s FP-2260 Friction/Peel Tester accurately measures critical elements such as COF, seal strength and adhesion/peel strength for an extensive range of food packaging products. Various sled options and custom peel fixtures enable measurements at varying orientations. The FP-2260’s interface allows users to quickly configure tests in multiple parameters, including distance, speed, time and sampling rate.

Tray Peel Fixture for FP-2260
The Tray Peel Fixture for FP-2260 pairs with the FP-2260 Friction/Peel Tester to measure seal strength for rigid trays used in the food industry. The fixture allows for quick and easy loading into an air-operated clamp to securely hold the sample in place. Typical application examples include yogurt cups, food trays and fruit cups.

Vacuum Fixtures

The Vacuum Fixtures offered utilize a vacuum-powered clamping system to hold product samples and test the seal quality for various characteristics such as:

Seal strength

Cup peel

Tray peel

Seal removal

Lid removal

The testing system simulates how a consumer would handle certain food products and their packaging, including yogurt cups, single-serve food trays and more. This fixture works with the VantageNX Universal Testing Machine, and the vacuum clamp can be custom-fit for any cup, tray or bowl application.

Package Integrity Tester

The Package Integrity Tester (RL-PIT-A) uses a vacuum method to measure the gas leaking from a wide range of flexible pack types and sizes.

Can Integrity Tester

The Can Integrity Tester (RL-CIT-A) provides a means to quickly and easily measure the seal integrity of canned goods.

PCA Scorebend & Opening Force Tester

The Model 1270 PCA Scorebend & Opening Force Tester provides a means to measure both score quality and opening force of paperboard packaging, which are critical parameters to ensure optimal production capability. Additionally, this instrument can be equipped with a COF fixture to measure surface friction.

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Thwing-Albert has been a global leader in the materials testing industry for more than 12 decades. Research laboratories, academia and quality control departments in food packaging and other industries depend on our testing equipment’s accuracy, reliability and durability for maximum performance. Contact us to learn more about how our equipment and services can benefit your operation.

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