Sample Strip Cutters

Sample strip cutters from Thwing-Albert are vital for the preparation of accurate test samples. These cutters are specifically designed to create strip samples from sheeted materials, cutting specimens to exact widths.  The JDC cutter, in particular, excels in providing precise sample preparation, making it an ideal choice for cutting thin materials like metal foils, plastic film, textiles, nonwovens, paperboard, tissue, and paper. This precision is especially valuable for seal strength, tensile strength, and adhesion testing, resulting in material samples characterized by accurate dimensions, clean edge quality, and an absence of tears or nicks.

Cuts made to prepare a sample for tensile testing are critical to the accuracy and quality of the results. Preparing a sample without jagged edges or nicks is vital to  insure accurate tensile results.  Those imperfections will affect the ability to provide consistent tensile results for the physical properties of the specimen. The way a sample is
handled can also have an impact on the tensile test results and should also be handled with care once cut.

Thwing-Albert offers two options for preparing strips for materials testing.  JDC cutters for highly precise cuts and MTT cutters for manual sample preparation. Both types of sample strip cutters are effective and suitable for different applications.  To meet the required ASTM D882 standard for plastic film our recommendation is the JDC Precision Strip Cutter due to the excellent tolerance and quality of cuts.  

Read more about the comparison of the MTT Cutter and the JDC Cutter focused on the importance the quality of sample  in your testing results – click here.

JDC Precision Cutters

The JDC Precision Cutter is a dedicated width, twin guillotine sample cutter designed to offer unparalleled precision and accuracy. The dual blades and precision ground base shear provide a shear cut for clean and accurate edges. 

These cutters are available in three options 10”, 12” and 16” cutting lengths.  The width is fixed between 1/8” to 3″ and some common cutters include 1″ x 10″, .5″ x 10″, 3″ x 10″, 15mm x 254mm. This samples strip cutter is ideal to meet the sample preparation requirements for many popular testing methods including ASTM D882, ASTM D6287, ASTM F88 and TAPPI T494.

This sample strip cutter is ideal for use with Universal Testing Machines (UTMs) such as the QC-3A Universal Testing Machine or Vantage Series Testing System

MTT Strip Cutter (1″ or 15mm)

The MTT Strip Cutter is a manual cutter for quick sample preparation. It can prepare samples 1 inch or 15 millimeters wide. Technicians can move the blade to the appropriate slot to ensure the width measurement is accurate within 0.5% of the width for compliance with ASTM F88. When technicians are not using the MTT Strip Cutter, the safety locking mechanism shields the blades for safety.

The MTT Strip Cutter is an effective option for applications requiring accurate test samples. The sturdy mechanical design ensures each sample cut is the same length and width. This precision makes test data trustworthy, reliable and repeatable.

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