Thwing-Albert Partners with SencorpWhite to offer CeraTek Laboratory Heat Sealers.

Thwing-Albert has partnered with SencorpWhite to offer CeraTek Laboratory Heat Sealers as a sample preparation tool for customers.  This tool provides customers with a way to create a sealed sample when used with a Universal Testing Machine to measure for tensile, seal, and tear strength properties.

The CeraTek Laboratory Heat sealers offered by Thwing-Albert will include models with constant heat, impulse, multi-zone, and pass-thru options.  These heat sealers are ideal for a variety of applications including material testing, plastic film evaluation, and quality control. CeraTek Heat Sealers can be used for a wide range of industries including plastic film manufacturers, converters, printing ink companies, chemical companies, and consumer product manufacturers. All sealers are available in 12” and 24” models with variable seal widths.

Steve Berg, VP of Sales and Marketing at Thwing-Albert, is proud to add the CeraTek Heat Sealers to our product offering.  CeraTek has a long-standing presence in the manufacturing world for sealed samples, among other lines of products they offer.  According to Mr. Berg, “the CeraTek brand is something seen frequently in the labs where our customers are working.  It is a natural partnership between two companies with long histories in the industry that have a reputation for high-quality products.  It is apparent that the synergy between our companies will provide customers a single source for laboratory equipment”.

Testing laboratories that have a need for tensile testing also frequently have a need to prepare sealed samples with a CeraTek heat sealer.  It is not uncommon to walk into a quality lab and see both Thwing-Albert and CeraTek being used side by side for the materials testing process. 

Thwing-Albert’s partnership with SencorpWhite reflects the choice to offer quality instruments and sample preparation tools for customers measuring the physical properties of materials that will be used in their end products.

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