Take a look at the Handle-O-Meter Featuring Touch Screen Controls.

The Handle-O-Meter was originally developed to test the durability and flexibility of toilet paper and paper towels.  This testing machine is now featuring a touch-screen control panel and the ability to interface with MAP4 Advanced Materials Testing Software.

Now customers can review real-time test data and take a deeper look into the physical characteristics of their materials.  The previous version of the machine was able to connect to a data parsing software with limited analysis built in.  Thwing-Albert is adding the ability to look at other variables at the same time as the test results for the material’s “handle” are being gathered.

According to Mr. Steven Berg, VP of Sales & Marketing, “this access to more extensive data analysis using MAP4 testing software could potentially open up the machine’s use to include new comparisons, possibly including the stiffness of a material.”

Thwing-Albert’s Handle-O-Meter measures “handle” (a combination of surface friction and flexibility of sheeted materials.).  The data collected when such nonwovens, tissues, toweling, film and textiles are tested has been shown to correlate well with the actual performance of these specific material as a finished products.  This instrument expedites the evaluation of a product by replacing the use of a sensory panel to measure softness or hand feel which can be subjective and time consuming.

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