Total Testing Laboratory Solutions from Thwing-Albert

Testing laboratories are constantly working to improve product quality, and Thwing-Albert Instrument Company can help provide a single-source solution for updating and maintaining the testing machines used daily to verify that materials are meeting industry standards including ISO, ASTM and many others.

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PaperCon 2020 - Atlanta, GA

Visit our Booth 301 PaperCon 2020 will be April 26-29, 2020 at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, GA. Learn more about our materials testing equipment and discuss your upcoming needs with our experts.

Celebrating 120 Years in 2019

Thwing-Albert Instrument Company is celebrating its 120th year in business. This is a testament to the core values of the company. The emphasis on customers and quality always lead the decisions of day to day business. The employees are valued for their contributions and longevity that equates to successful years of ongoing business.

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Lab Review Complimentary from Thwing-Albert

Make sure your lab is equipped with the right testing machines to measure and evaluate quality! Request a complimentary lab review from Thwing-Albert.

Testing laboratories are constantly working to improve product quality. Thwing-Albert Instrument Company can help provide a single-source solution for updating and maintaining the testing machines used daily to verify that materials are meeting industry standards including ISO, ASTM, TAPPI and many others

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Updated Thwing-Albert Catalog

Thwing-Albert Product Catalog

We are pleased to announce our latest catalog is available for download.  The updated catalog provides an overview of the materials testing equipment available from Thwing-Albert Instrument Company.  This is a helpful resource to search for the right instruments for measuring the physical properties of your materials.  

This catalog was designed as a reference guide for customers as a supplement to the website catalog.

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Loop Tack Test for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

The loop tack test measures the contact tack of an adhesive tape that has been formed into a loop. The fixture meets the requirements for ASTM D6195, FINAT FTM 9 and PSTC 16.   When used with the Vantage NX Universal Tensile Tester, a pair of grips hold the sample and the fixture during the test.  The Vantage NX Tester is paired with MAP4 Materials Testing Software which is configured to meet the industry standard and programs the test based on the method selected.  The sample’s adhesive properties are then displayed as real-time results including peak force to debond from the plate.

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Upgraded Option for Tensile Grips on the FP-2260 add Higher Capacity Testing.

The Thwing-Albert FP-2260 Friction/Peel Tester is designed as a compact instrument to measure coefficient of friction, peel strength, seal strength and tensile strength tests. This machine has a small footprint that is ideal for both laboratory and production floor materials testing of a variety of materials including flexible plastic films, paper, labels, tapes, nonwovens, textiles and other sheet materials.

Now, a new set of sample clamps are available for the FP-2260. These vise grips offer a higher capacity of 100N lbf, making it a cost-effective option for tensile, peel and seal strength testing.

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Putting a Value to Softness with the VantageNX.

The quest for softness of an end user product can be quite subjective. However, when paired with MAP4 software, the VantageNX Universal Testing Machine can be used to calculate an objective softness value. Compression/softness results of high loft nonwovens can be evaluated to measure a combination of factors including sample loft, thickness, compressibility and structural softness. The test measures the material from the compression phase all the way through the relaxation phase of the material.

Configurable to Meet Industry Standards Including:    
NWSP 120.6, EDANA 30.4-89, ISO EN 9863-1:2005 and other ASTM, INDA, EDANA ISO, NWST, TAPPI, etc

Download the full article to learn more about this test and the ability to capture a calculated value for here.

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Take Control of Testing Analysis with MAP-4 Software

MAP-4 Materials Testing Software from Thwing-Albert simplifies the analysis of physical properties of materials.

Compatible with Windows Operating Systems, MAP-4 is used to run tests on the Vantage Series of Universal Testing Machines. The software platform is intuitive and offers clean, easy-to-use menus. Real-time graphical results are displayed during testing and can be customized to show a variety of information.

Test methods can be selected from the built-in library of standards to meet ASTM, ISO and other unique materials testing applications. Whether the goal is to measure tensile strength, COF, puncture, pull tests, grab tests, or a number of other applications, MAP-4 can easily be configured to run the test and evaluate the data.

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