Testing Tips

Don’t let your testing fall behind.

Unforeseen delays are impacting many industries due to a variety of factors. Sometimes it may be labor, sometimes parts, sometimes raw materials. Whatever the cause, it is important to be prepared for the future.
Be prepared and Be proactive.

We are proud of our quality-built instruments! Out in the field, we have some customers with equipment over 20 years old that is still in operation. The flip side of this is that you are at risk of failure and limited resources for outdated equipment that has since been replaced by newer models and technology.

Do you have a backup plan in place for the challenges that accompany aging equipment? These are some common issues:

  • System failure with only one machine for testing
  • Downtime in your quality process
  • Risk compliance with no way to run routine tests
  • Difficulty finding replacement parts for repairs
  • Outdated electronics that cannot be replaced
If this sounds familiar, it is time to be proactive and get ahead of the curve. Start now by putting protocols in place for your laboratory equipment. Avoid the situation where your equipment is no longer working and your quality process comes to a halt.

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Protect your investment in quality and earn more about proper maintenance and your testing equipment.  Our service department can help you stay on top of regular annual visits to keep you operating at peak performance.