125 Years of Time Tested Quality: A Legacy of Excellence in Materials Testing Instruments

Thwing-Albert Instrument Company marks its 125th year in business in 2024, a testament to the enduring core values of the company. The emphasis on customers and quality continues to drive the decisions of day-to-day business. Recognizing that our employees are our primary asset, they are valued for their experience, contributions and longevity that equates to successful years of ongoing business.

Thwing-Albert Executives including Mrs. Annette Albert AlbeckThe company was founded in 1899 by Dr. Charles B. Thwing, a noted physicist and inventor, who was a pioneer in the field of pyrometry and holder of numerous patents in the field of thermo-electricity. Mr. Edward J. Albert joined the company in 1918 and served as manager until becoming partner in 1935, at which time the company became the Thwing-Albert Instrument Company. Three more generations of the Albert Family have run the business since its formation. Mr. Albert’s daughter, Mrs. Annette Albert Albeck, took over leadership serving as President, followed by her son-in-law, Mr. Joseph W. Raab, to carry on the family business. In 2015, Mr. Scott M. Raab took over as the President of the company and has continued leading Thwing-Albert’s legacy of quality manufacturing into the future.

Mr. Albert was the catalyst for the transition of Thwing-Albert’s core business to materials testing. He became a pioneer in the field of physical testing instrumentation and was very active with TAPPI and ASTM. Over his career, he helped establish quality standards that dictate material production and quality testing procedures that are still in use today. He invented and patented numerous devices and was honored for his work developing industry standards.

Photo of Edward J. Albert accepting an industry award.

Thwing-Albert started out in a small, two-story building located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Penn & Pulaski Streets and eventually moved to a larger building on Dutton Road in Northeast Philadelphia. The business then moved in 2005 to the current facility in West Berlin, New Jersey.

When Thwing-Albert was first entering the materials testing market, the focus was primarily on the paper industry as well as those companies producing paper-related products. Over time, the company expanded to other markets that could benefit from the precision materials testing equipment used to monitor quality for their business needs.

Elmendorf ProTear Tester originally manufactured by Thwing-AlbertThwing-Albert has proven itself to be one of the leading manufacturers of physical testing instruments worldwide. Our quality products, along with competitive pricing and excellent customer service, lead companies to choose Thwing-Albert to meet their testing requirements. In 1995, the company attained ISO 9001 certification, followed by the acquisition of ISO 17025 certification in 2014, both of which are maintained today.

When you think of the products you use daily – a paper towel to wipe your counter, baby wipes for your children or opening a bag of chips, materials testing is a behind-the-scenes need. Most products we use in our daily life have industry standards determined by organizations like ASTM, ISO, and TAPPI that dictate the way they should function once they reach the hands of the consumer. The testing machines from Thwing-Albert provide a tool for manufacturers to quantify and measure tensile strength, tear strength, opening force, coefficient of friction, and many other physical properties before they reach the end users.

Thwing-Albert Instruments Lab

Thwing-Albert has developed an experienced team of engineers, sales and service professionals that enjoy the challenge of working with new materials and are available to help companies find the right equipment to evaluate their materials. The company offers product evaluation services, assessing customer materials to determine the most suitable instruments for specific testing applications. Customers can also request on-site or virtual demonstrations of our equipment from experienced representatives to get hands-on experience and gain confidence that our testing machines can meet their testing application.

While we are first and foremost a developer and manufacturer of precision testing instrumentation, we have also established strategic partnerships with organizations that further complement our product line. This allows us to offer our customers a comprehensive solution to their testing instrumentation needs. These partnerships enable us to provide a “total lab” solution and convenience for our customers while maintaining a high level of expertise in materials testing.

As our equipment evolves to meet industry needs, quality remains the cornerstone that propels our business forward. We take pride in supporting our growing customer base and eagerly anticipate reaching future milestones together. Thank you for being part of Thwing-Albert’s enduring legacy.


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