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I need new testing equipment. Where should I start?

The testing instrumentation that you use in your R&D laboratories and quality control departments is integral in product development and ongoing quality assessment programs.  We know that this is often a capital investment.  Careful consideration needs to be undertaken when the time comes to add capability or upgrade legacy instrumentation.

How do you make a choice when a quick internet search can provide an overwhelming list of materials testing machines, with both local and worldwide options to choose from.  Research takes time.  As your partner, we can help simplify the process and guide you to the right testing machines to meet your needs, not only today, but as your business may expand in the future. 

So, where to begin when considering new equipment?  Most likely, that is a quick internet search.  Hopefully, with the right search, you find a list of companies to investigate further. 

Now is the time to be meticulous in the process and think of the full scope of your project.  Do you need to setup a complete testing lab including universal testing machines?  Will you need specialized equipment to measure specific material properties like tensile, COF, peel strength, seal strength, puncture, flexion, bending resistance, opening force, or other physical testing applications?

Here are some things to consider in your search.  It is important to not forget to prioritize the features that you must have and consider potential benefits you did not originally have in mind.

Use this list as a starting point to begin your search process:

Top questions to ask when searching for testing equipment.

  • What material properties are you evaluating?
  • Do you need to meet any industry standards (i.e. ASTM, ISO, DIN, TAPPI, etc.)?
  • What is the level of precision required from the instrument?
  • What tests will you need to perform?
  • Will you need a single instrument or multiple instruments?
  • Do you need basic data analysis or a comprehensive software solution?
  • Will you need operator training?

What about maintenance and compliance needs?

  • How is the instrument calibrated?
  • Do you need scheduled calibration and maintenance at your facility?
  • Will onsite service be available? If so, what is the cost of this service?
  • How quickly can parts and service be obtained should a failure occur?

Will your equipment stand the test of time?

  • What is the typical life cycle of the equipment?
  • How long is the instrument supported once obsolete?

Time is valuable and many customers start with an internet search.    Proceed with care as you move on to evaluate the available information based on what you think you need and what you feel the supplier can offer.  If you stop here in the process, you may purchase an instrument that meets the perceived critical needs but misses the nuances that can optimize your quality testing program. 

This is where our team can be invaluable during your process of selecting testing equipment. Take time to discuss your application with our knowledgeable technical staff.  We can fully identify your needs and potentially bring to light additional capabilities and features that may prove beneficial to you.  Additionally, through a detailed review of your needs with a qualified partner, you may discover a solution that was not identified through your research thus providing a more appropriate and comprehensive solution.  Our primary goal is always to connect with the right equipment for your needs.

Thwing-Albert Instrument Company offers a comprehensive line of quality testing machines.  These instruments are ideal for measuring the physical characteristics for a wide range of materials.  Some of these include:

Are you searching for a new test?  If the instrument you are looking to acquire is for a new test, ask for an initial evaluation of your materials and test data to further qualify that the instrument can meet your specific needs. This provides both parties the ability to confirm suitability and efficiency of the testing procedure. 

While the information gathered through the internet may be appealing and appear efficient, engaging in a partnership with experienced technical advisors often yields a more inclusive recommendation to meet your testing needs.  The goal should be to solve your current testing needs and to grow with your future requirements.  Our experience can be our biggest benefit to your research and our team is ready to review your testing to help set you up for success. 

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