125 Years of Time Tested Quality: A Legacy of Excellence in Materials Testing Instruments

Explore the legacy of Thwing-Albert Instruments as we journey through our history of excellence in materials testing. From our time-tested instruments to a rich history rooted in quality, discover how we’ve become a trusted global choice. Join us in celebrating the milestones, commitment to manufacturing quality, and unwavering support for our customers over the years.

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ProGage Touch: A Precision Thickness Tester for Quality Control

Thwing-Albert proudly announces the launch of their latest Thickness Tester, the ProGage Touch. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of quality control and research and development, the ProGage Touch is an advanced micrometer that offers exceptional precision and accuracy. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the new ProGage Touch incorporates several notable enhancements. A user-friendly touchscreen interface offers intuitive navigation of the setup options, parameter configuration, and ease of reviewing test results and analysis.

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Dé un vistazo más a fondo a los ensayos de despegado y sellado

Los términos fuerza de despegado y de sellado a veces se usan indistintamente cuando se describen las propiedades de adhesión de un material y los métodos apropiados para ensayar y medir con precisión esas propiedades.

En realidad, cuando se trata de pruebas de materiales, estos términos son claramente diferentes. Se deben seguir protocolos de prueba específicos para garantizar datos precisos y comparables.

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Obtenga un mejor agarre en sus ensayos.

Uno de los elementos más importantes de un aparato para ensayo de materiales es la mordaza u otro accesorio utilizado para asegurar la probeta durante la prueba. Si la probeta no está asegurada correctamente y se permite que se mueva o se deslice durante un ensayo, esto invalidará la prueba y comprometerá la seguridad del operador.

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Tensile test results and the importance of sample preparation.

Cuts made to prepare a sample for tensile testing are critical to the accuracy and quality of the results.  Preparing a sample without jagged edges or nicks is vital to ensure accurate tensile results. Those imperfections will affect the ability to provide consistent tensile results for the physical properties of the specimen.  The way a Read More »

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Sample Preparation: A critical aspect to successful testing.

Sample Preparation: A critical aspect to successful testing. The capability to prepare test specimens accurately, efficiently and safely is critical to insuring reliable and repeatable test results. Inadequate sample preparation can lead to additional retesting and higher costs while improper tools can endanger operator safety. The selection of the optimal sample cutter depends on a Read More »

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