Loop Tack Test for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

The loop tack test measures the contact tack of an adhesive tape that has been formed into a loop. The fixture meets the requirements for ASTM D6195, FINAT FTM 9 and PSTC 16.   When used with the Vantage NX Universal Tensile Tester, a pair of grips hold the sample and the fixture during the test.  The Vantage NX Tester is paired with MAP4 Materials Testing Software which is configured to meet the industry standard and programs the test based on the method selected.  The sample’s adhesive properties are then displayed as real-time results including peak force to debond from the plate.

Method Summary:

  • A loop is created from the test material with the adhesive-coated side to contact the substrate or stainless steel plate. 
  • The ends are clamped together in an upper grip
  • The loop is pushed onto the surface, compressing the adhesive. 
  • Then the loop is pulled up and gradually debonds from the substrate or plate.   

MAP4 Results: