Upgrade to Manufacturing Capabilities at Thwing-Albert

In preparation for the new year and in anticipation of continued growth, Thwing-Albert Instrument Company has added a new CNC Machine to our facility keeping production moving forward.

This new Haas VF2 machine will allow for increased production capacity leading to a faster turnaround time for the materials testing instruments manufactured at the headquarters in West Berlin, New Jersey.  Shorter lead time will provide customers less waiting to get the testing machines they need installed at their facilities to meet required quality standards. 

Our in house machine shop makes parts for a range of our machines including our tensile testers, micrometers, Elmendorf tear testers, coefficient of friction testers, sample cutters, and other testing equipment used to measure the physical properties of materials.  The ability to machine parts at our facility allows for more control over the process and the ability to keep the cost of our testing instruments competitive for Thwing-Albert customers.    

In addition to adding to the manufacturing capacity, Thwing-Albert can now also operate with more efficient operations.  The Haas VF2 allows for quick changes between parts and this means less down time.  This addition was put in place to continue the focus on customer satisfaction which is led by our ISO 9001 certification.