Total Testing Laboratory Solutions from Thwing-Albert

Testing laboratories are constantly working to improve product quality, and Thwing-Albert Instrument Company can help provide a single-source solution for updating and maintaining the testing machines used daily to verify that materials are meeting industry standards including ISO, ASTM and many others. 

Thwing-Albert offers a variety of testing machines for the packaging industry including the VantageNX Universal Testing Machine. When the VantageNX is configured with various grips and fixtures it can be used to measure tensile, compression, flexural strength, peel strength, and puncture, just to name a few. Some other key instruments from the company’s product line include the ProGage Thickness Tester, the Elmendorf ProTear, the FP-2260 Friction/Peel Tester, and the JDC Precision Cutter, all manufactured in the New Jersey headquarters of Thwing-Albert.

To help set up a laboratory with the right tools, Thwing-Albert can select the best products to test packaging materials —based on the standards that are being met and a company’s testing needs — starting with an understanding of the testing application and following through with cost-saving recommendations.  

Investing in the right testing equipment can prevent product failures, safety recalls or even reduce the amount of waste that goes into production. When quality matters, Thwing-Albert is a reliable source for expert advice on selecting the right equipment to measure and evaluate materials to save costs and meet quality standards. 

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