Take Control of Testing Analysis with MAP4 Software

MAP4 Materials Testing Software from Thwing-Albert simplifies the analysis of physical properties of materials.

Compatible with Windows Operating Systems, MAP4 is used to run tests on the Vantage Series of Universal Testing Machines. The software platform is intuitive and offers clean, easy-to-use menus. Real-time graphical results are displayed during testing and can be customized to show a variety of information. 

Test methods can be selected from the built-in library of standards to meet ASTM, ISO and other unique materials testing applications. Whether the goal is to measure tensile strength, COF, puncture, pull tests, grab tests, or a number of other applications, MAP4 can easily be configured to run the test and evaluate the data.     

When paired with the VantageNX, MAP4 testing software provides the power to analyze testing data quickly and accurately. Users can set pass and fail criteria, create tracking variables, and customize the reports that are generated, all with simple drop-down menu selections. The system can also store test results to multiple SQLite databases for easy retrieval of test data. 

This testing software is becoming the universal software for Thwing-Albert Instrument Company’s product line. In addition to the Vantage Series, MAP4 can also run tests on the FP-2260 Friction/Peel Tester and the Handle-O-Meter, with the plans to expand that compatibility to additional machines manufactured by Thwing-Albert. 

To learn more about MAP4 Software, please contact our sales department here.