Tensile Tester Questions to Ask Yourself

Common things to consider when researching a tensile testing machine like the Vangate NX.


  1. What is the maximum capacity that will be tested? The Vantage 1 goes up to 1kN (225 lbs), the Vantage 2 goes up to 2kN (450 lbs), the Vantage 5 and the QC-3A go up to 5kN (1125 lbs), the Vantage 10 goes up to 10kN (2250 lbs).
  2. What capacity load cell is required? Load Cells range from 5N-10kN depending on the model.
  3. How much crosshead travel is required? If dealing with highly elastic materials, a Vantage 36″ model is recommended.
  4. What type of grips and inserts are required? Thwing-Albert offers Pneumatic. Mechanical, Wedge, and Vice grips are available. The available grip inserts are Smooth, Serrated, Diamond Serrated, Line Contact, and Rubber Covered.
  5. What kind of results are required?  MAP4 is a sophisticated materials testing software and provides the ability to perform more complex testing with customizable reporting.