CeraTek AS/1 Heat Sealers (12″ & 24″)

CeraTek Precision Heat Sealer on an open-back frame featuring a digital timer and temperature controller.

One flat upper sealing die 1” wide.

12″ (TA12-AS/1) and 24″ (TA24-AS/1) models available.


CeraTek Precision Heat Sealer on an open-back frame.

  • 12″ or 24″ models available
  • Digital timer and temperature controller
  • Surface mounted thermocouple
  • Dual action cylinders
  • Electronic timer activation

The open-back frame allows for both front-to-back and lateral pass-thru capabilities. The standard instrument includes one flat upper sealing die 1″ wide.

Available Options:

Power Options: 110 V, 60 Hz or 220 V

Serrated Sealing Dies (1″ width only) are available with options for both type and direction of serrations.

  • Coarse serrations (6.5 serrations/inch)
  • Fine serrations (20 serrations/inch)
  • Crosswise (perpendicular to 12″ length)
  • Lengthwise (parallel to 12″ length)
  • Available flat surface die widths 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, and 1″

ASTM F2029

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Adhesives, Packaging

List of Standards

ASTM F2029

Model Name

CeraTek AS/1

Part Number

12" (TA12-AS/1) and 24" (TA24-AS/1)

Testing Property

Adhesion, Seal Strength, Sample Preparation


CeraTek AS/1 Heat Sealer