TA240k+Ko Pneumatic Grips (1.2kN)

These simple 204 k+Ko pneumatic vise grips are ideal for many universal applications. Available as TA240k+Ko and TA240k+2Ko


The 240 k+Ko grips are pneumatic to meet many universal tests that can be setup to meet different configurations for your testing needs:
  • TA240k+Ko or TA240k+2Ko
    Tensile force: 1.2kN
    Opening: 0-10mm depending on jaw type
    Weight: 0.4 kg (TA240k+Ko) 0.6 kg (TA240k+2Ko)

  • TA240k-S20+Ko or TA240k-S20+2Ko
    Tensile force: 1.2kN
    Opening: 0-20mm depending on jaw type
    Weight: 0.5 kg (TA240k-S20+Ko) 0.7 kg (TA240k-S20+2Ko)

  • TA240k-S30+Ko or TA240k-S30+2Ko
    Tensile force: 1.2kN
    Opening:0-30mm depending on jaw type
    Weight:  0.54 kg (TA240k-S30+Ko) 0.74 kg (TA240k-S30+2Ko)

  • TA240k-S50+Ko or TA240k-S50+2Ko
    Tensile force: 1.2kN
    Opening:0-52mm depending on jaw type
    Weight: 0.8 kg (TA240k-S50+Ko)  1 kg (TA40k-S50+2Ko)
  • Temperature range: 0°C – +70°C (depending on jaws) Other temperature ranges possible on request.
  • Body: Anodized Aluminum
  • Jaws:  Steel, Nickle-Plated
  • Scope of delivery: 1 pair (without jaws)

Suitable for use with the VantageNX or QC-3A

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