Introducing the Dual-Column Universal Testing Frame from Thwing-Albert

Thwing-Albert Instrument Company has added a new dual-column frame to the Vantage NX Universal Testing Machine Family.  The VantageNX Duo has a 5kN capacity to test at higher forces with a relatively small footprint in the laboratory.  

The Vantage NX Duo will offer three travel distances: 26”, 36” and 47”.  This new frame allows for an unlimited test workspace depth and a total of 13.5″ between columns.  The customer has the option to choose between two different methods to control the testing machine: MAP4 Software (which requires a Windows-based PC) or a stand-alone option with a Bluetooth connected touch screen tablet.   

Thwing-Albert’s Vantage NX Duo can be configured to meet a variety of testing applications when outfitted with the proper grips and fixtures.  Testing laboratories can use this testing machine to measure tensile, compression, flexural strength, and peel strength, along with many other tests to meet common industry standards including ASTM, ISO, TAPPI, and others.

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