Blocking Fixture

for FP-2260

This film blocking fixture is designed to meet ASTM D3354 Blocking Testing of Plastic Film on the FP-22260 Friction/Peel Tester.


The Thwing-Albert FP-2260 Friction/Peel Tester is the most versatile testing instrument for measuring the coefficient of friction, peel strength, and seal strength of flexible plastic films, paper, sheet materials, labels, tapes, adhesives, and textile materials.  The Film Blocking Fixture for the FP-2260 allows the tester to meet ASTM D3354.

The inclusion of the Film Blocking Fixture is designed to meet ASTM D3354 Blocking Testing of Plastic Film.

Blocking is the unwanted adhesion between layers of plastic film, paper or paperboard. Results reflect the ability of a material to adhere to itself when pulled apart. The results demonstrate the degree of blocking that exists as a result of factors including film processing, storage, temperature, and pressure.

Film Blocking Fixture ASTM D3354 – Blocking Load by Parallel Plate Method Sample:  

  • Using two lightweight blocks, the two layers of film are inserted between them
  • One layer of film is attached to the upper block and the other layer is attached to the lower block
  • The upper and lower blocks are slowly separated
  • The film layers are then pulled apart at a constant speed until separated

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FP2260 Film Blocking Fixture