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This software has been replaced by MAP4.

This software has been replaced by MAP4.

Software provides the ability to do basic testing, data transfer and analysis on the Vantage Tensile Tester.

Designed to operate on the EJA Vantage Series of materials testers, Simplicity is best suited for routine quality control and production applications. It is low-cost Windows based software package that simplifies testing, method definition, reporting and data storage.

Simplicity operates on multiple platforms including 2000 and XP and interfaces to the EJA Vantage using a RS-232 serial port or USB adapter with serial interface.

Simple operation.
As the name implies, Simplicity was developed to meet the routine requirements of laboratory and production testing. Its ease of operation ensures you will be testing quickly with minimum training.

Multi-functional capabilities.
Simplicity supports a wide range of test modes including tensile, peel, tear, compression, and friction. It meet a variety of standards including ISO, ASTM and other international methods.

User-definable methods.
The user-friendly interface with familiar dropdown menus and dialog boxes guide you through test set-up. Each test mode has default settings which are easily modified to meet specific test methods. Quickly define test speed, pre-test settings and required results. Save all unique settings as a test method for future recall.

Password protection.
Method configuration can be protected with a password, thereby limiting access to change test parameters to authorized personnel.

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