Softwares de Ensayo

Thwing-Albert ofrece opciones de software asociados a nuestros equipos de ensayo, tanto para operarlos como para permitir una más fácil adquisición de datos para los informes y análisis.

Thwing-Albert offers lab software options compatible with our testing equipment to allow for easier data acquisition for reporting and analysis. Our standard test method library includes industry standards, such as ISO, ASTM, TAPPI, DIN and more.

Types of Material Testing Software We Offer

Thwing-Albert's testing software can handle many application types, including adhesives, paper, tissue, packaging, plastics, nonwovens, textiles and foils. These programs work independently for special quality analysis or combined with our testing instruments to enhance testing results analysis.

Available Data Analysis Software

  • MAP4 Materials Testing Software:MAP4™ Materials Testing Software is compatible with and processes data from many Thwing-Albert testing instruments. The VantageNX universal tensile tester requires this software to run tests. This software works with Windows operating systems and contains a comprehensive library of industry standards that meet the testing specifications for various industries. The MAP4 software delivers precise testing results and data analysis for many test types, including tensile, burst/puncture, compression, peel/tear, adhesion and coefficient of friction (COF). This software can also be ordered with the FP-2260 Friction/Peel, ProTear and Handle-O-Meter for advanced analysis of materials testing for quality and R&D.
  • DAS:Data Acquisition Software (DAS) is an optional, Windows-based software package that interfaces with our ProGage Thickness Tester to collect data from the tester, download the information to your computer and provide additional statistical analysis. DAS lets you record results, generate custom reports and export test data to Excel for seamless integration into data collection systems.
  • WinWedge Data Acquisition Software:WinWedge Data Acquisition Software can capture and input serial data into any computer application. This data parsing platform can collect measurements from sensors, GPS receivers, scales and balances, densitometers, barcode readers or any other RS-232 device for quick insertion. It works well with any Windows or DOS application program, including EXCEL, LIMS, VB, ACCESS and statistical and math software. This is ideal for collecting data for use in custom data collection systems.

Specialty Software

  • Spec*Scan 2000: Spec*Scan 2000/2001 is a specialized software that functions as a grayscale image analyzer for paper, paperboard and pulp materials. It works by obtaining images with a desktop scanner and recognizes objects that optically contrast with the substrate, such as dirt, specks, residual ink printed patterns and pulp shives. This software also generates reports indicating shape, location, grayscale and other essential factors.

Choose Thwing-Albert for Material Testing Equipment Software

Since 1899, Thwing-Albert has been a global leader in superior material testing solutions. Our line of material testing software is one of the many specialized products we offer for quality analysis. Call us at 856-767-1000 or contact us online today to discover how our services and products can benefit your operation.