EJA Vantage-10 Tensile Tester (10kN)

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The Vantage-10 has a dual screw frame and is ideal for Quality Control, Engineering, and for Research and Development.

Capacity: 10kN (2000 lbs)

The EJA Vantage tensile testers are powerful computer-controlled tensile testers with the flexibility to perform a wide range of tests including tensile, flexural, compression, peel, tear, friction, cycling and modulus.

Capable of testing above and below the moving crosshead, the Vantage-10 provides maximum testing flexibility. It can be configured with two load cells and a variety of test fixtures enabling the operator to switch from one test to another without any downtime.

  • The Vantage is ideal for Quality Control, Engineering, and for Research and Development
  • Capacity: 10kN, 2000 lbs
  • The EJA Vantage 10 Tensile Tester is available in two sizes:
    24" (610 mm)
    42" (1067 mm)
  • Extensive selection of grips and fixtures
  • Broad range of tests including tensile, peel, compression, cycling, tear, burst, ZDT, flex/bend, stress relaxation and insertion/extraction
  • Grips can be supplied with frame-mounted pneumatic switches to simplify testing and improve repeatability
  • Automatic electronic calibration
  • One-touch auto zero
  • One serial interface to a PC
  • Serial load cell interface
  • Movable test control panel
  • Easy installation

Variety of Grips & Fixtures
Manual and air-operated grips, compression plates, environmental chambers, peel, coefficient of friction, burst, and puncture fixtures provide endless test

Windows 7, 8 and 10 compatible with MAP-4 Software.

More Information
Model Name 10kN EJA Vantage
Capacity 10 kN (2000 lbs)
Industry Adhesives, Corrugated, Foils/Metals, Food Testing, Medical, Nonwovens, Packaging, Paper, Paperboard, Plastic Film, Pulp, Rigid Plastics, Rubber/Foam, Tissue, Textiles
Testing Property Adhesion, Burst, Compression, Coefficient of Friction, Elongation, Flexural Strength, Opening Force, Peel, Tensile, ZDT
Force Capacity 10 kN (2000 lbs)
Force Measurement Interchangeable load cells available
Force Accuracy 10% to 100% Load Capacity: ±0.25% Measuring Value|Less then 10% Load Capacity: ±0.025% of Load Cell Capacity
Force Resolution 16 Bit A/D to 0,001 N
Position Resolution 0,6 µm (0.00002 inch)
Position Accuracy 2.5 µm/25 mm (±0.0001 inch/1.0 inch)or 0.01% of Distance
Crosshead Guidance Precision Ball Screw with Independent Ground|Stainless Steel Guide Rods
Horizontal Clearance 412.75 mm (16.25 in)
Depth Clearance Unlimited
Crosshead Speed 1 to 1000 mm/min (0.05 to 40 in/min)
Crosshead Speed Accuracy 0.10%
Operating Environment Air Temperature: 10° to 50° C (50° to 122° F)|Relative Humidity: 10% to 85% (Non-Condensing)
Storage Environment Air Temperature: -25° to 70° C (-13° to 158° F)|Relative Humidity: Storage: 5% to 90% (Non-Condensing)
Power Requirements 110V 50 or 60Hz, 220V 50Hz, 230V 50Hz, 240V 50Hz
Safety Features Emergency stop button, upper & lower limit switches with over-travel protection and load cell overload protection
System Control PC-Based with serial interface (No PC slave cards)
Software Available REQUIRES: MAP-4 Software OR Touch Screen Tablet

Computer Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5)