Coefficient of Friction Fixture (COF)

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The 769-3000 fixture is used to measure coefficient of friction (COF).

The 769-3000 Coefficient of Friction (COF) Fixture can be used with both the Vantage Series Tensile Testers and the QC-3A Universal Testing Machine to measure the static and kinetic friction of a material when sliding over itself.

The fixture consists of a horizontal platform and grip adapter. 

NOTE:   A COF sled is required but must be ordered separately based on the testing needs.

COF Sled Options:
Coefficient Of Friction Sled Examples

00225-3050 - 200 Gram EZ-Sled with magnetic closure
00225-0218 - 200 Gram Sled (paper, paperboard, films)
02250-4400 - 200 Gram Sled (flexible packaging materials)
00225-0237 - 500 Gram Sled
02250-4600 - 500 Gram Sled (flexible packaging materials)
00225-0209 - 1000 Gram Sled
00225-0262 - 2000 Gram Sled
00225-0347 - 3 Pound Sled
02250-3111 - Self Adjusting 3-Ball Sled

A COF fixture is also available for the 1270 PCA Score Bend Tester - Part #1270-3009

More Information
Part Number 769-3000
Testing Property COF, Coefficient of Friction
Pricing Note COF Sled must be ordered separately.