Chart Your Own Materials Testing Path with MAP4 Software

Selecting a materials tester is a major project – it takes time and investigation to ensure that the instrument will not only meet your needs today but provide room to grow as your testing needs expand.

A simple tensile tester may be sufficient for routine strength and elongation testing now, but what happens when the market changes or your product evolves, or you introduce a new product line changing your need to perform complex motion or detailed analysis? This may require upgrading the entire system to meet these changing needs, incurring additional capital costs and employee training.

MAP4 Testing Software is Flexible for the Future!  This software takes the Tensile Frame and adds exponential testing capabilities to meet the ever-changing needs of a company’s testing protocols, from routine to complex. Learn More 

MAP4 Software At-a-Glance

MAP4 Software At-a-Glance

  • Test Library – Comprehensive built-in library of test methods
  • Graphical Data – Intuitive and configurable graphical user interface
  • Pretest Automation – Set a sequence to establish the initial starting position
  • Easy Grip Control – Integrated pneumatic grip control
  • Archive Test History – Automatic saving and archiving of test data.
  • Database System – Powerful SQLite database for easy data retrieval
  • User Profiles – Password protected profiles to enable or lockdown controls
  • ODBC Connectivity – multiple means to export data to CSV files
  • Audit Tracking – Audit Trail to record every interaction with the software
  • External Integrations – Ability to interface with external devices

Every installation of MAP4 provides users with a comprehensive library of test methods designed to meet established industry quality standards for a variety of materials such as paper, paperboard, plastics ,packaging, textiles, and rubber. The built-in methods can be loaded out of the box to evaluate tensile, elongation, compression, puncture, coefficient of friction, peel adhesion, and other physical properties tests for your materials.

When you choose a Thwing-Albert Vantage with MAP4 Software the power is in your hands with the framework in place and the tools necessary to easily modify and create test methods tailored to meet their specific needs. No need to lock in your testing future today as the intuitive graphical interface allows critical parameters to be configured to meet specific testing goals as they evolve.

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