MAP4 Materials Testing Software from Thwing-Albert


Thwing-Albert Instrument Company, a consistently reliable source for testing instrumentation, announced the new MAP4 materials testing software is now available globally.

MAP4 builds on the flexibility and control of the original MAP platform while adding ease of use and features to simplify testing.  The software is compatible with one of the most popular products manufactured by Thwing-Albert, the EJA Vantage Series of Universal Tensile Testers.  Also new to the MAP compatibility list is the FP-2255 Friction/Peel Tester, with the plan for one universal software platform in the future.

Thwing-Albert has overhauled the functionality to match the software capabilities with today’s needs of quality labs globally.  Compatible with Windows® Operating Systems, the software platform is intuitive and offers a clean, easy-to-use menu.  According to Mr. Steven Berg, VP of Marketing and Sales, “We are excited to see the software’s evolution into the powerhouse for evaluating sample test results that is now available for our customers.”

Updates include a built-in standards library including tests for tensile, COF, peel and other test methods at the operator’s fingertips.  Standards can be customized to meet new methods and specific standards for unique materials testing applications and the sky is the limit.  End users now have access to advanced features for basic users with simplified customization.

Customers will benefit from MAP4 in a number of ways including real-time graphical information as tests run, built-in unit conversion, password protection and user group access, multilingual database capabilities, the option to export data simply for reporting, as well as the ability to create custom presentations within the software.

To simplify and enable tests to run smoothly, users can create customized test result displays based on their needs.  A user can also set pass/fail conditions to flag any results outside of the desired metrics.  If the end users have a team working in the lab, video and audio training can be added to the program to ensure operator consistency.

Also new are the software options available including basic, multi-user, and advanced to offer flexibility based on the customer’s needs.  MAP4 is now available globally and provides vast power to analyze testing data and improve quality of products.  To learn more about MAP4 Software please contact our sales department at here.