European Demonstration of Physical Testing Machines

Rycobel the European partner of Thwing-Albert Instrument Company offered an afternoon demonstration for physical testing.  The group that attended the session included laboratory technicians and quality control departments from a variety of industries. 

An overview kicked off the session which educated the customers about the different aspects of physical testing and the corresponding testing equipment.  A number of topics that were also discussed:

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Attendees were encouraged to bring their own materials for the hands on demonstration.  This allowed the customers to experience firsthand the user friendly equipment and test their materials.  At the same time they were also able to see for themselves the level of high precision the machines offer as well as investigate innovative physical testing equipment.

The end result was a positive dialog with the attendees about their satisfaction regarding the physical testing equipment available for their laboratories.  Rycobel plans to offer more seminars if you are interested you can request more information for the next available demonstration by completing this form.  

Learn more about Rycobel online at www.rycobel.com/rycolab

Thwing-Albert Instrument Company is happy to schedule on site demonstrations for customers interested in learning more about our testing machines.  Please call 856-767-1000 or email demo@thwingalbert.com to request a demonstration in your area.