CNC Machine Added to the Thwing-Albert Production Facilities.

The introduction of another CNC Machine to the manufacturing facilities at Thwing-Albert Instrument Company will add the ability to work on larger parts in house.

This new Haas VF4 machine is the second CNC machine of its kind allowing for better scheduling while also removing the need to wait until one job is complete to start the next.  Now, shorter lead times are achievable for the materials testing machines manufactured at the New Jersey headquarters of Thwing-Albert. 

The run times for machining parts will also decrease due to a quicker process to setup and change to new parts.  There is also reduced waste due to the probe system for inspections to check the first piece verifying the parts are machined correctly before completing the total job.  Larger components of the machines manufactured locally means more control over delivery times for customer orders. 

The in-house machine shop is responsible for fabricating parts that are used in many of the testing equipment built by Thwing-Albert.  These machines are used for tensile tests, coefficient of friction tests, Elmendorf tear tests, thickness tests and other applications to measure the physical properties of materials for quality control or product development.  

Adding to the in-house manufacturing capabilities at Thwing-Albert continues to build on the goal to provide the best quality and value for customers in need of testing instrumentation.  Thwing-Albert is continually looking to improve the customer experience, and decreasing the lead time for these custom-built testing machines is just one piece of this ongoing process.